News: DMN: Sherrington: 'Presidential' Jason Garrett doing all the right things

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    Kevin Sherrington

    IRVING – On the fairy tale scale, the Cowboys' upset of the Giants in the Blackout Bowl ranks right up there with frogs turning into princes or ugly ducklings into swans. Ol' Aesop would have had a best seller with the Cowboys.

    As it turns out, they were a championship-caliber team trapped in a 1-7 body.

    All that was needed for a transformation, apparently, was a coach who preached punctuality and reminded them to play hard every day and stand with their toes on the sideline for the national anthem.

    And wear ties.

    For some reason, this actually seemed to work for Jason Garrett like a potion.

    Before we go any further, I realize it was only one win. But it also seems fair to note that it matched the season total. And Garrett had been on the job a week.

    God got to rest on the seventh day. Garrett had to play the Giants on the road.

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    I was and am on the Garrett bandwagon. All others are welcome, plenty of room.

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