News: DMN: Stephen Jones: Cowboys offensive line is ‘starting to come together’

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Mash

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    Well if Stephen can win 3 SuperBowls like his Dad did when he takes over.....Im all for it...

    There are alot of "football men" that would love to have 1 SB trophy in their case.....Jerry...has 3....and you can give credit to whoever you want..but Jerry the owner and GM has 3

    It would be a blessing if Stephen could get 3 under his ownership.

    And we better get used to Stephen talking to the media......and like Jerry talk...get used to it....its just the way it is.....
  2. CyberB0b

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    How is Stephen not a football man, at this point? He has been in the organization almost his entire adult life.
  3. viman96

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    IMO he should have just said the OL needs to get better and they are working hard with the coaching staff to do just that. Anything else is BS. Until they can get a consistent push against the opposing DL to create holes for Murray, protect Tony and stop the penalties then nothing needs to be said.
  4. a_minimalist

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    I'm with you. I hate hearing from JJ and SJ but I've realized it comes with the territory--I've accepted it. The one thing I won't accept is being BS. I believe nothing that comes from a Jones's mouth now. They're constantly making thing up.
  5. jjktkk

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    Do you actually think Stephen Jones thinks the line doesn't need to improve? What do you expect him to say at a media conference? Hey guys anybody try the New in and out burger? :rolleyes:
  6. CopenhagenCowboy

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    So if you spend almost your "entire adult life" with Jerry, you'd be groomed to take over and rule the NFL? Come on...
  7. ravidubey

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    He's pumping sunshine, following his dad's lead.

    The turning point of the game happened when the starting RG played turnstile and created a long defensive touchdown at a point when Dallas was poised to close.

    Tony Romo was besieged as his line gave him no room to step up into any throw. As a result he rushed several throws.

    DeMarco Murray was running into a solid wall of linemen and defenders all night. He barely had a chance and you could tell appeared dejected.

    That's "the best" this line has to offer?
  8. jobberone

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    This is a fair post.
  9. CyberB0b

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    If I get out of college and get into investment banking for the next two decades, would you not call me a banker? Obviously, he may not be a good football man, but he is a football man nonetheless. It is hard to judge his accolades because of the man at the top.
  10. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    1960-1988: 2 SBs
    1989-2011: 3 SBs

    Now I will say I am not equating the two regimes and esp not saying the Jones era is better than the Landry/Schramm one.

    One gave us a record number of playoffs over a 20+ year time period. That same group gave us 10 NFCC/NFLC or SB games in 13 years. The other gave us a short termed dynasty that has failed to rise to the top over 15 years. So no the Jones' era is not equal or better.

    No matter how frustrated or outright angry you are things aren't going to change in the short term. Nor should they. Garrett deserves a shot. He took over a 1-7 team that was pitiful and has us playing at least .500 ball in a short time. He gets 2-4 years more IMO before you call for his head. Changing HCs every few years is a true recipe for disaster.
  11. Risen Star

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    Because he didn't earn his way and only kept his job through nepotism.

    Simply put, he's not a football guy because no other team in the league would hire him in any capacity. Being the owner's son doesn't make you legit.
  12. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    Oh, come on RS. Tex Schramm wasn't a football guy either. I do believe they need to bring someone in who has had a successful NFL career at coaching or GM though. And they need to listen to him. Someone outside the inner circle.
  13. viman96

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    I was clear on what I think he should have said. It is just my opinion so take it however you want to.
  14. BraveHeartFan

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    And statements like this make you realise that waiting for the day that Jerry Jones is gone is a complete waste of time.

    The kid taking over is going to be just as bad.
  15. Flinger

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    Excellent post... Wow, for a minute there with all the negativity, I thought I was on the Eagles board... :)
  16. Mr Cowboy

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    How many NFL owners and their sons have a weekly radio show where they say what their coach is going to do in the next game.

    Really, do these two Bozos really need radio shows to feed their huge egos?

    In most NFL towns, the start QB, or the star player has a radio show, not in Dallas.
  17. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Guys you're missing the point, key word improvement. Weeks 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 the oline was a -6, after the jelling and domination against the bears they easily improved to a -5.75

  18. Oh_Canada

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    Stephen spoke the truth, the oline showed marked improvement against one of the very best fronts in football. Room for improvement-yes, but much better. Key will be whether they can continue to build momentum against the Ravens or the Bears game was nothing more than an anomoly.
  19. rocyaice

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    That's a bit unfair. I actually agree with your opinion I don't think Stephen's "football mind" is any worse or better than Jerry's but to come away that opinion after some statement in a media conference? That's a bit unfair to him. He's just saying or doing what 99% of anyone else in his shoes would've said.
  20. rocyaice

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    Yea what he said isn't that far fetched. They've knocked down the penalties and they've been better in pass protection. And they've faced some very TOUGH defenses. This offensive line may not be as bad as it looked. With as much turnover they've had with this line it probably wasn't the best for them to have to come out of the gate facing such tough defenses. But at the same time it should be good experience for them against a team like the Ravens.

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