News: DMN: Sturm's Cowboys analysis: Bowen option at DE, but still need starter

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    The Ticket's Bob Sturm offers his deep analysis of each Dallas Cowboys player.
    Position: Defensive End
    Size: 6'5, 304
    Age: 27, 3/28/84
    College: Hofstra
    Drafted: Undrafted 2006
    Experience: 5 Seasons

    2011 Analysis: The problem with developmental players is that by the time they are ready to contribute as regulars, they also need a contract. That is why Tony Romo and Miles Austin received contracts with a rather small body of work. In the NFL, free agency comes in year 5 whether you have been playing him or not. With the labor situation, the Cowboys are uncertain about how much he is going to cost, but it would seem rather unlikely to lose him for 2011 after they placed the FA tender on him. Clearly, the object for the off-season is to add a DE early in the draft who can do everything well from day 1. Once they get that player, they don't have to continue this merry-go-round of DEs who can only do a few things well. Bowen is a very nice situational DE and likely a marginal starter. I would love to have him back, but I would be careful of asking him to do too much. Losing Spears is likely, and the prospect of having Igor Olshansky and Bowen as your two DE starters would not scare the league. Bowen is quite useful, but the Cowboys need to focus on adding to this position this off-season.

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