News: DMN: Sturm's Cowboys analysis: Line still needs veteran guard Leonard Davis

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    Published 14 March 2011 04:06 PM

    The Ticket's Bob Sturm offers his deep analysis of each Dallas Cowboys player.
    Position: Guard
    Size: 6'6, 355
    Age: 32, 9/5/78
    College: Texas
    Drafted: Round 1, Pick 2 - 2001
    Experience: 10 Seasons

    2011 Analysis: When Wade Phillips was fired, it was popular to say that the Cowboys needed 3-4 new offensive lineman. Realistically, that is not very likely, and the Cowboys are believed to be planning on Leonard Davis again at right guard. He is signed through 2013 and will be 33 years old on Opening Day. Surely, he had a down year, but to take him to the trash right now might be a bit hasty. Assuming the Cowboys have a more reliable option at right tackle, they can get by with "Bigg" at right guard for another season.

    Where he gets into trouble is when he is left to try to be a dancing bear in space against some of the better interior rushers in the NFL. We saw that last November against Detroit when he was beaten by Ndamukong Suh. However, when he pulls in space and gets in front of a screen, there is still no question that he terrifies defenders in his path. Not the player he was in 2007-2009, the Cowboys will surely try to get some more suitable competition at guard, but unless they find a bargain they cannot refuse, Leonard will add another $6 million to the over-$70 million dollars he has already made from the NFL. Playing guard but being paid like a tackle is a very nice trick he has pulled off, and the Cowboys will hope he returns to 2009 form in 2011.

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