News: DMN: Taylor: Cowboys may rely on Rob Ryan, not free agency, to fix issues

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 24, 2011.

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    Each week, Jean-Jacques Taylor answers questions from fans as part of his weekly Cowboys newsletter. A sampling of his Q&A from this week is below:

    Q: Who do you think the Cowboys will get to help address their defensive back needs, and how bad is it?
    Gizmo Lynch

    TAYLOR: Some of y’all seem to think you can fill every single hole during one off-season — and that’s simply not true. The Cowboys didn’t take free safety Rahim Moore in the second round because there was something about him they weren’t sold on during his visit to Valley Ranch, and they didn’t think any of the other safeties were appreciably better than the players on their roster. They took cornerback Josh Thomas in the fifth round and he should help in the dime defense. We’ve seen cornerback Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins play well. Part of Rob Ryan’s job is to get them to play well again.

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    It wouldn't shock me if Dallas didn't add another CB... That said they really need to upgrade the FS position and possibly the SS spot if they don't re-sign Sensabaugh.
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    what a worthless, non-answer of the guy's defensive back question. There is no doubt that the team hopes Ryan can fix some of the defense's problems using the same personnel, but there there's no way in hell this team goes into next season without, at the very least, a new safety.
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    Jerry and Garrett have both made statements to the effect that some of the team needs that weren't addressed in the draft will be sought in free agency. It doesn't seem silly to me for fans to have at least some sort of expectations that it may well come about. If that intention indeed never existed, you'd think they would have avoided making it such a point of emphasis in declaring it does. Of course, in addition to FS and SS, DE could easily be another area of interest . . .

    As JJT indicated, it may be impractical to expect every single hole to be filled in the offseason but the expectation for at least some action to occur doesn't seem unreasonable. In light of Jerry's and JG's stated intentions and the safety positions being such crucial needs, it doesn't seem unreasonable to me for fans to hope for (and perhaps even expect) some sort of affirmative action to resolve at least those two needs.
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    I've been saying this for months--folks criticized our draft for not going defensive (which is wrong anyway) and I've said that we get a whole new defense next year--some of who we have will not prosper under Ryan's system, but we could be a smart (read vet who knows the system) player or two away from having a dominant defense
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    Of course we're signing safeties in FA.

    And, for the record, yes, I do expect this team to address all it's needs this offseason. Then again, I don't think the personnel was in as bad a shape as most seem to believe. We need to address S and DE, and any new holes we create by cutting starters for salary cap purposes. That's hardly a tall order.
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    become a Magician rather than a Coach. Remember the old saying "you can put lipstick on a Pig but it's still a Pig."

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