News: DMN:Taylor: Cowboys' Mike Jenkins is too good to be playing this badly

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    Jean Jacques Taylor

    ARLINGTON - This Mike Jenkins stinks. There’s no nice way to say it.

    You know it's true. So does he.

    He was one of the reasons the Cowboys were considered among the league's championship contenders when the season began. These days, he's among the reasons the Cowboys are in the midst of the club's most disappointing season.

    You could make the argument Jenkins has been the team's biggest disappointment.

    We've all seen him struggle, whether we're talking about the infamous give-up play against Green Bay or his performance in last week's win against Indianapolis, when he was torched for most of Reggie Wayne's 200 yards.

    Then there's the 91-yard catch-and-run he gave up to DeSean Jackson in the fourth quarter of Sunday night's 30-27 loss to Philadelphia.

    In the long, illustrious history of the Dallas Cowboys, they've given up only one longer pass play, a 94-yard catch by some dude named Rich Houston of the New York Giants in 1972. Just so you know, the Cowboys have now allowed receivers to record 200-yard games in consecutive weeks.


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    You are only as good as you play, and right now Jenkins doesn't look very good.
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    JJT one-word paragraph "Ridiculous" sighting!!!!!

    Let me answer, ehh emm...


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