News: DMN: Taylor: Cowboys' Tony Romo on par with Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers

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    04:05 PM CDT on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    [SIZE=-1]Column by JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News[/SIZE]

    Column by JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News | jjtaylor@**************

    Jean-Jacques Taylor Archive | Bio | E-mail

    You can choose to disagree, but Tony Romo is one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks. Not Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees good – at least not yet. But he’s certainly at the next level with Aaron Rodgers and Phillip Rivers.

    If he wants to end the idea that he’s just a guy who piles up gaudy passing statistics and doesn’t win the games that matter most, then it’s time for him to seize control of this team.

    It’s time for Romo to tell his teammates with his performance that he’s ready to lead them where they want to go. When Romo is terrific, like he was against Houston in the Cowboys’ last game, this team is tough to beat.

    He has the athleticism to bring forth big plays out of chaos, the intelligence to read defenses, and the charisma to inspire his teammates with his performance.

    The Cowboys need that guy. Every single week.

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    i agree with jjt for a change, if romo can get over the hump this year he can be in that boat with the big 3 bcuz his number are definately there and his regular season wins....lets go boys!!
  3. Idgit

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    Next week: water is wet.

    I do agree that Tony becoming a true HoF player would make things a lot easier on the road to the Superbowl. He's got the potential, and this is the stage in his career where he should deliver on it.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    This article is spot on. But to add to it, it's up to Garrett to step up also and fially put this offense in more favorable matchups. After all, romo can only do so much if hte wrong plays are consistently called an/r if the game plan is so unbalanced that it gives the defense the advantage every time.
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    He's definitely a Romo fan which is shocking... I agree, Romo needs to take this team by it's horns and lead. Dallas would also do him a huge favor by giving Felix Jones the ball 20 times a game.
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    this team has expended more than ENOUGH resources (money/draft picks) that should NOT require HOF performances from Romo. I mean look at what Peyton Manning has had at RB/WR/TE vs. what we have had. And I am talking about the draft picks/money invested in RB/WR/TE. Whether or not our collection of players at those positions is better than the Colts is debateable...but what is NOT debateable is what we have spent to get our collection of players vs. what the Colts have spent. Which means Romo should NOT have to be Peyton Manning to be as productive. And quite frankly, Romo is not as good as Manning...nor will he ever be. But that can be said of 99% of the QBs that play this game. Romo is MORE than good enough to win a Super Bowl with. The Coaches, OL, and skill positions need to do there part. They need to earn there paycheck. They need to play to there draft status. If they do that....Romo will be a Super Bowl winning QB. The way Trent Dilfer played in the Super Bowl...the way Big Ben played in his first Super Bowl win...the way Eli played in the Super Bowl...and the way countless other QBs have played in the Super Bowl...would get Tony a BIG FAT LOSS. The REST of this team needs to elevate their play and I PROMISE you Romo will be plenty good enough.
  7. mmillman

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    I see Romo a shade under those qb's because of decision making. Romo makes too many dumb plays to be in that category yet.
  8. aikemirv

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    And do you watch those other guys 16 games a year also?
  9. adamc91115

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    Like all those sacks Rodgers takes, right?
  10. Fletch

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    Because we are fans of Tony and the Cowboys, we scrutinize him more than others. We watch his every move during every play. We don't watch Rodgers or Phillips all that often unless ESPN or the NFLN is showing their highlights.
  11. mmillman

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    As a matter of fact I do watch a lot of Packers and Chargers games also.

    They both do the subtle things that Romo doesn't do. Romo will too often turn the ball over in the red zone. Romo is constantly, maybe not his fault, on the verge of a delay of game. That doesn't allow a hard count, another audible and it allows the defense to get off the snap faster. Romo fumbles more than they do. Probably over the last few seasons has thrown more interceptions. Definitely gets called for illegal grounding etc.........

    Not personal, I am a huge Romo fan but that doesn't mean I don't see his flaws. There probably aren't any GM's that would take Romo over Rodgers and very few that would take Romo over Rivers.
  12. Idgit

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    Bull. You're talking media, not GMs.
    Romo's a fantastic player, and every bit on the level of these two. Rodgers is a cool dude, but if he struggles to get it done in the postseason again this year, the complaints will start coming. Rivers is a tough SOB, but he's an SOB. He's money, and it's a toss-up between him and Romo in my book.
  13. aikemirv

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    Int's 2008 - 2010

    Romo - 25
    Rivers - 24
    Rodgers - 25

    Fum 2008-2010

    Romo - 19
    Rivers - 16
    Rodgers - 20

    Sacks Taken 2008-2010

    Romo - 55
    Rivers - 58
    Rodgers - 89

    TD 2008-2010

    Romo - 56
    Rodgers - 64
    Rivers - 71

    Tornovers in the red zone - please - where did that come from - I cannot remember the last time Romo had a turnover in the red zone - maybe last preseason!
  14. jobberone

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    Romo is on par with Rodgers and Rivers. He does need to score more points. All that is not on him but some of it is.
  15. adbutcher

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    Thanks for calling him on made up crap.

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