News: DMN: Taylor: Tashard Choice's big game better keep Marion Barber on the bench

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    Jean Jacques Taylor

    INDIANAPOLIS – When Jerry Jones gave Jason Garrett the job, the new coach said the best players would play regardless of salary or draft pedigree.

    It's time for him to prove it.

    Right now, Tashard Choice is a better running back than Marion Barber, the starter for much of the season.

    It's time for that foolishness to stop.


    You don't have to be an NFL coach, scout or personnel director to see Choice has more speed, elusiveness and agility than Barber.

    He showed all of that – and more – on a scintillating 20-yard touchdown in the first quarter of the Cowboys' 38-35 overtime win over Indianapolis on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

    The only reason Choice had an opportunity to gain 100 yards on 19 carries, surpassing his yardage and carry totals for the entire season, and carry four times for 13 yards on the game-winning drive is because Barber missed the game with a strained calf.

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    Amen JJT... I agree 100%!

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    100% spot on JJT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I don't agree with JJT some of the time, but this article is spot on.

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