News: DMN: Taylor: Tyron Smith, DeMarco Murray are Cowboys rookies most likely to see PT

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    Columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor answered your questions in his weekly e-mail newsletter - Inside the Dallas Cowboys. Here are some highlights.

    Q: Which of the rookies is expected to get the most playing time?
    Larry Mahsetky, Oklahoma City

    TAYLOR: I don’t think there’s any doubt that first-round pick Tyron Smith will get the most playing time. He’s going to be a starter from the time he signs his contract. DeMarco Murray will probably get the second-most playing time, though he’s going to have to share the ball with Felix Jones and Tashard Choice in training camp, whenever it begins.

    Q: Any chance Bruce Carter contributes this year?
    Russell, Temple, Texas

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    Yeah Smith, Murray and Carter will see the field more than any of the rookies...

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