News: DMN: Terrell Davis says underachieving DeMarco Murray 'running to darkness'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Interesting take on Murray's running style.

    Can't say I disagree.
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    He does seem to go the wrong direction sometimes.
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    You have to respect TD's opinion, the guys knows what he is talking about. But at the same time you can play that game with every back in the league and say they leave a lot of yardage on the field. I don't know if this comment should be taken with a grain of salt or if he is onto something, time will tell.
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    Broaddus has said that Murray looks the best he's ever seen him, he has been high on his vision, and thinks the change in blocking scheme fits his ability. I do agree that in years past that sometimes he would find contact rather than run to daylight.
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    Agree with TD.Murray doesn't always find the holes,he is more than happy to initiate contact with defenders.
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    I have to agree with TD. As much as I love DM, this play seems to epitomize his preference to make contact rather than "run to the light". I mean, come on, Dez had a great block and all Murray needed to do was run straight ahead for the TD. I just hope he doesn't end up like Marion Barber...
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    Not really- so far I have only seen Murray run like that... Take a look at all of his big runs.
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    He should have kept going down the sideline
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    what the heck was he thinking with this run?
    He could have had a TD no problem.
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    He was going to be caught by 3 guys faster than he is. And are we really criticizing him on that run where he turned a 2 yard loss into a 48 yard gain?

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    He's been overrated by the fan base. Some people talk about him like he's a top 5 back in the league.

    He's a pretty solid back when he's healthy.
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    People know he's a solid back, but I imagine they rate him as to his overall importance to the Dallas Cowboys, not necessarily as to how he rates around the NFL.
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    This style has it merit's, as well. But given the new rule that prohibits back's from lowering their helmet beyond 3 yards (Ithink) of the scrimmage, I'd imagine Murray will be less inclined to look for contact, as doing so could negatively impact his paycheck.
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    Murray is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. Falling down when he has open field in front of him. Running towards the tackler when he has open space. Still he has produced behind an awful OL, so it is hard to complain much.
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    Oh look Another strawman argument from Risen.

    "Some people talk about him like he's a top 5 back."

    Who are these some people?

    And these "some people" according to Risen aren't even calling him a top 5 back....but they are talking about him like he is a top 5 back. What does that even mean?

    Your posts could not be more shallow.
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    he's a top 15 back thats about as high as I can go on him
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    This is how the article originally opened. This part was later deleted from the OP, and this kind of stat is usually dismissed out of hand (as the writer did here), but there are probably better stats that can be used to measure the importance of the running game.

    Over Romo's career, in games that are close through three quarters (7-point margin or less) the Cowboys are 20-11 (.645) when they score a rushing TD, and 14-18 (.438) when they don't. These are close games only, so it's not a stat that's skewed by a team having a big lead and then playing it safe by running the ball and scoring against an already beaten defense. In those same games, the Cowboys are 29-24 (.547) when they score a passing TD, and 5-5 (.500) when they don't.

    The Cowboys have been almost 50% more likely to win a close game when they score a rushing TD, and only 9% more likely to win when they score a passing TD.
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    oh no I actually agree with that. SMH.
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    What has made DeMarco special for us is basically what made Marion Barber special for us: the ability to break tackles. When your OL sucks arse and you have to immediately break tackles before getting to the original LOS, the "daylight" thing becomes a secondary consideration, he makes his own holes when none are there. It's basically the same kinda thing that made Romo our guy instead of Drew "feet of stone" Bledsoe.

    Romo doesn't have a golden arm and Demarco doesn't have great vision, but what they do have is absolutely necessary for a Jerry Jones managed roster.
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