News: DMN: Terrell Davis says underachieving DeMarco Murray 'running to darkness'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. punchnjudy

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    Agreed. I remember reading a scouting report on here that compared his vision to Emmitt. Those are the types of comparisons that make players seem like bums when they're actually pretty good.
  2. OhSnap

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    He butters his bread by bouncin outside and turnin the corner so he tries it too often and teams learn to set the edge better against him. Hopefully he's gettin a lil vet savvy goin on and some good coachin to learn some new tricks. He's definitely had the spare time to hit the film room.
  3. Toruk_Makto

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    Did you notice how he was being caught and decided to deliver a blow rather than take one?
  4. Nirvana

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    He'll be running with a chip on his shoulder now. I wonder how many text messages he got about this.
  5. Rack Bauer

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    Agreed. I've been saying since we got him that Murray doesn't have great vision and doesn't consistently set up his blocks well.
  6. Carharris2

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    No. That's not what happened. He slowed to cut back.
  7. Toruk_Makto

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    So seeing nobody in front of him but Dez he wanted to cut back? That's what you're going with?

    That Demarco's vision is so bad he can't run in a straight line?

    Come on man!
  8. conner01

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    you can find video of every back in the nfl running the wrong direction sometimes, even the great ones. thats part of ffotball. they don't have the luxury of seeing from over head to know where running lanes are
  9. theranchsucks

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    Let me start by saying I did not read anyones quotes on here but I saw this episode with Terrell Davis and couldn't agree with him more. I like DeMarco Murray a lot...........I was always a fan of the running backs and hope this guy has a huge, not big, huge year for us, but I do agree that he does end the play for himself more than not. I just speak the truth. I remember the game against the Rams when he probably would have broken the single game rushing record but instead fell down in the open field, the game against the giants he could have stayed along the sidelines and most likely he would have scored, and there have been plenty more times he lowers his head for no reason. I hope the coaching staff has brought this to his attention because if this guy gets his vision and on field awareness better he will be a top 5 running back, regardless of our line.
  10. Derinyar

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    Does anyone know does Davis have any skins on the wall as an analyst? I generally have found that the majority of ex athletes playing at analyst are bad at the job. They spent their formative years learning something else. I'm not saying that ex players can't be good analysts, just that being an ex player doesn't automatically make one a competent analyst.
  11. Bleu Star

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    I came to the conclusion early on that DeMarco is not the home run hitter. He is the back that operates well in space and is always moving forward. He brings outstanding value from the 3rd round to what will become an increasingly crucial role on the offense this year. Bill Callahan brings to us that much needed balance and DeMarco will thrive in an offense that will increase the focus on generating positive yardage on the ground. I can't wait to see it! Callahan is the biggest golden nugget of the off season. DeMarco is probably salivating at the chance to work within the elements of a balanced offensive e attack. Play action will be sick and that revamped offensive line will move mountains.

    To those that just can't understand that DeMarco was not going to beat three secondary players that had him hawked, I say get over your Felix butt hurt and embrace DeMarco. The guy is humble and runs forward whether light or dark. Having sat due to injury last year, he is chomping at the bit to silence the butt hurters. Is it Sunday night yet?
  12. DominantD

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    It will appear amazing to some that Murray's vision will be improved in 2013. And, it might be accurate. But with Waters in town, blocking next to Frederick... with (hopefully) Leary at the other guard, suddenly there will be a little daylight where none ever existed before.
  13. Snauty

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    Who exactly is muscle hamster or is that joke of Ap
  14. mrmojo

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    Yeah who the heck is Terrell Davis anyway he doesn't have any rings...........ummmm ooops.....
  15. tantrix1969

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  16. Corso

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    You may be right, but seriously- your opinions are like litmus paper that has already been dipped in tap water before placing it in the test medium.

    No offense.
  17. Snauty

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  18. Pessimist_cowboy

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    not underachieving but over hyped by our fan base. He is A decent back nothing more.
  19. Ren

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    Seems like NFLN just needed a story to fill a segment and made one using 1 whole clip, i respect TDs opinion on this but he didn't do a very good job of selling it by only using one clip. If this was such a big issue with Murray surely it would have taken no time to find at least a few more
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  20. DuceizBak

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    It's weird, because he easily could be. He has very good speed.
    He has the agility of a hippopotamus, in preseason his agility looked better.

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