News: DMN: The Dallas Cowboys’ least likely free agents to return: No. 5 WR Kevin Ogletree

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 18, 2013.

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    The NFL’s free agency period begins March 12, and most fans want to know who the Dallas Cowboys will look to add to the 2013 team in an effort to get the Cowboys back into the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

    However, the Cowboys also have some tough decisions to make about their own free agents. The Cowboys have 18 free agents – three of whom are restricted – they will have to make decisions on this off-season.

    Beginning Monday, I’ll be counting down the five least likely free agents to return each day this week from the fifth-most least likely to the least likely free agent to be re-signed.

    Today, we start with the fifth-most least likely Cowboys’ free agent to be re-signed this off-season:
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    Sounds good. I agree that Otree is toast.
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    Anyone want to make predictions on the remaining 4 mostly likely to be gone.

    1) ?
    2) ?
    3) ?
    4) ?
    5) Ogletree
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    1) Felix Jones - first rounder who performed like a fifth rounder
    2) Victor Butler - Carter is moving outside with Wilber backing up.
    3) Mike Jenkins - wants out really bad, and he underperforms and is constantly hurt
    4) John Phillips - too easy to replace with cheaper options
    5) Kevin Ogletree - dime a dozen, if that

    The rest are fringe guys.

    Something in my gut tells me Spencer will be signed or franchised.
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    This is how'd I rank them (sorted by likelihood of a return not talent of player)

    1. Mike Jenkins - Even if he were offered more money on a one year deal in Dallas than he would be on a one year deal elsewhere I think he'd be gone. Needs to go somewhere he has a chance to start.

    2. Felix Jones - Time to move on

    3. Brian Moorman - Chris Jones is cheaper and better

    4. Anthony Spencer - Seems unlikely that we tag him. If we don't tag him, it seems unlikely that he doesn't give himself a chance to get a bidding war going, and I think his value to our team is less than how a bidding war will end.

    5. Kevin Ogletree - No real value-added at this point in his career.
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  7. Future

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    Agreed. Lots of addition by subtraction this year. It's amazing how many completely useless guys have been on this roster.
  8. ABQcowboyJR

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    This list seems spot on IMO.
  9. speedkilz88

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    Unrestricted Free Agent
    57 Butler, Victor LB 6-2 245 25 5 Oregon State
    20 Coe, Michael CB 6-0 187 29 7 Alabama State
    99 Coleman, Kenyon DT 6-5 293 33 12 UCLA
    76 Dockery, Derrick G 6-6 325 32 11 Texas
    27 Frampton, Eric S 5-11 205 29 7 Washington State
    21 Jenkins, Mike CB 5-10 198 27 6 South Florida
    28 Jones, Felix RB 5-10 215 25 6 Arkansas
    91 Ladouceur, L.P. LS 6-5 255 31 9 California
    2 Moorman, Brian P 6-0 174 37 13 Pittsburg State
    85 Ogletree, Kevin WR 6-1 198 25 5 Virginia
    26 Peprah, Charlie S 5-11 203 29 8 Alabama
    89 Phillips, John TE 6-5 251 25 5 Virginia
    98 Poppinga, Brady LB 6-3 252 33 9 Brigham Young
    59 Sims, Ernie LB 6-0 230 28 8 Florida State
    93 Spencer, Anthony LB 6-3 250 29 7 Purdue
  10. percyhoward

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    That's some really bad reporting there.

    Ogletree didn't "fade in the second half of the season," he faded after the first game. Romo just stopped throwing to him as much in the second half of the season because Ogletree couldn't be trusted to run the correct route.

    The numbers that mattered in "Ogletree's best season:"
    55 tgt 32 rec 436 yds 4 TD 5 INT 70.0
  11. gimmesix

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    I'd put Felix instead of Dockery. Not that I think Dockery is likely to return, just that he's not important enough to mention.

    1) Mike Jenkins (wants to start)
    2) Felix Jones (injuries)
    3) Kenyon Coleman (age/defense switch)
    4) Brian Moorman (only a sub)
    5) Kevin Ogletree (no good).

    Most of the others are likely to return as cheap depth (except Spencer), although I could see Dallas moving on from Poppinga and Dockery.
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    Honestly, this article is just a filler for what is apparently a slow period in Cowboys news. He could have spilled his guesses in a one page article, but wants to drag out what they are for a week?? Waste of time for me, personally.
  13. DFWJC

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    Now that is very telling. I knew there were maybe 3 picks to Ogletree, but FIVE. A 70 rating. yikes.
  14. ufcrules1

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    Excellent post! When Ogletree had that big game the first week I was so torn. Part of me was extremely happy because we beat the Giants and he played a big part in it.. but another part of me knew that he just solidified the #3 WR spot for the rest of the year... no matter how crappy he played going forward. He was worthless out there. I couldn't believe they would start him over Harris either. Especially in the last game of the season. Just dumb. Glad Ogletree will be moving on.. the Cowboys kept him about 3 years too long.

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