News: DMN: The Ravens have something the Cowboys don’t: An identity

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    By Rainer Sabin / Reporter
    4:51 pm on October 9, 2012 | Permalink

    The Baltimore Ravens have a reputation. They’re known as a tough, nasty, physical bunch that won’t back down from any challenge.

    “Ain’t nothing finesse about going to play Baltimore,” Cowboys fullback Lawrence Vickers said last week.

    There was a hint of admiration in Vickers’ voice and maybe a bit of envy.

    After all, the Ravens have something the Cowboys don’t – An ethos that defines their team.

    In this current age of the NFL, Baltimore is one of the few franchises that have an identity others can summarize in a few words. Pittsburgh, the Ravens’ chief rival, is known for its iron will and grit. New England, another one of Baltimore’s nemeses, is recognized for its offensive efficiency and killer instinct.

    Few can summarize what the current Cowboys exemplify.

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