News: DMN: Tony Romo’s appearance at meeting gives team a lift on dark day

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Dec 31, 2013.

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  2. Chuck 54

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    Wow....Ware needs to be released and hopefully resigned. He greatly overestimates his value. Even if he rebounds from injuries, I don't believe there's a team out there anywhere who would give him even 10 million a year considering his age and injury history.

    I don't blame him for backtracking on the paycut conversation, but we are hard against the cap and fools to pay him 12 million next year.
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    I would think Ware will be cut. I think the GB game sealed his fate. He didn't do squat against a 4th round rookie man-on-man. Too many injuries the past two years. He is not an every down player anymore. I think Jerry Jones really needs his decision on Ware to send a message to the team. Cut him come March. Forget this restructure crap on Ware. He plain needs to pack his bags and go somewhere else. Better for both the Cowboys and Ware.
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    Yeah...there's a team for sure. He's not worth it, but teams overpay all the time.
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    if ware gets cut he will sign with a 3-4 team and tear it up for a few more season. its time to move on.
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    Ware's cost outweighs the benefit regardless of scheme, but Jerry will hold off on cutting him and won't pull the trigger. He won't have the fortitude to make this move, and sadly some core players know they're safe regardless of performance.
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    This is their time of year. The talking season.

    I can't wait to hear how everything feels so different next summer.
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    Unfortunately this seems to be a continuing cycle
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    I have learned this year you can't depend on this teams leaders.

    Hatcher did well..

    Romo had good and bad moments..

    ..Lee pulled his disappearing act..

    Ware was a ghost.

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