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    ByRainer Sabin / Reporter
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    Few details have yet to emerge about the clandestine workouts that the Cowboys' players began conducting earlier this month. But participation appears to have increased, quarterback Tony Romo revealed Monday at the opening of a TopGolf franchise in Allen.

    "We had 45 guys there last week," Romo said. "It's been great to see it continue to progress."

    Approximately 40 members of the Cowboys, according to Romo, were present at the initial practice, which was the culmination of a plan that was months in the making. After the 2010 season finale against Philadelphia, Romo said he would round up the team to work out together if an expected lockout eliminated organized team activities and mini-camps. Sure enough, the work stoppage ensued in March and less than two months later Romo followed through on his promise.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/05/cowboys-qb-tony-romo-on-player.html
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    Romo and the rest of the vets are making the Cowboys better by doing this...
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    I'm sure it will help some with the mechanics but it does a lot for team unity.
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    I think offensively it can be a big help in knocking off the rust. Offense is relatively the same so guys should already be familiar with what they are doing.

    Defensively a bit more work in terms of learning and while they may not be able to get much into detail with a new system they should be able to get the basics of Ryan’s system.

    If there is a bright side it is defense is not as complicated as the offensive side of the ball.

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