News: DMN: Ware: Bill Parcells said I was going to amount to nothing

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Jon Machota / Special Contributor | Bio
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    In 2005, Bill Parcells told a rookie named DeMarcus Ware, "You're going to amount to nothing."

    The Cowboys coach probably didn't really believe that, he was just attempting to motivate a player that he spent the 11th overall draft pick on.

    Ware recently joined's Peter King for a podcast interview to discuss growing up in Alabama, his early days in the NFL and the possibility of breaking Michael Strahan's single-season sack record.

    "Every single day he would stay on you, even if you did something well, he wouldn't even acknowledge it," Ware said during the podcast, "he would just walk away."

    Read the rest of the interview: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2011/11/demarcus-ware-bill-parcells-sa.html

    Click the link above to listen to the podcast interview w/Peter King.
  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    Nothing more than Parcells trying to get the very best out of Ware. It seems to have worked too.
  3. Hoofbite

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    Pretty sure he told Witten the same.

    Seems to have worked.
  4. BraveHeartFan

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    That was one of the ways he motivated and it definately worked with Ware and Witten.

    IIRC one of the reasons Witten has become such a solid blocker is that Bill used to ride him about being one of those receiving TE's.

    He definately got Witten's attention and it's no doubt helped Witten during his career to becoming one of the best TE's in the history of the NFL.
  5. AbeBeta

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    Parcells at his best could figure out exactly what he needed to do to motivate certain guys. That is likely his finest trait as a coach.
  6. burmafrd

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    Sadly the number of players that react like that to being challenged seems to shrink each year
  7. Frozen700

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    lol does anybody have the video of Bill Parcells starring down Newman after the Missed tackle on Cooley?

    That was hilarious
  8. BigD

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    Exactly. I remember reading\hearing a while back that DWare reminded Parcells a lot of #56.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    Man I will never forget that, :laugh2:
  10. ThreeSportStar80

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    I remember that as well... He actually said it during a press conference.
  11. Frozen700

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    lol..he just starred him down, and Newman tried to act like he didn't see him
  12. AdamJT13

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    He told Chris Cooley that, too.

    Cooley probably started crying, because he was still whining about it years later.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    "Roger Hornsby was my Manager and he called me a walking pile of pig****, and that was when my Parents drove all the way down from Michigan to see me play the game, and did I cry?!!! No, and do you know why?!!!! Because there's no cry!!!! There's no crying in Baseball!!!!!"

    Jimmy Dugan - A League Of Their Own.


    I don't know why but this is what that quote reminded me of.
  14. casmith07

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    That's real leadership right there - just be a jerk to everyone.
  15. The Emperor

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    If you weren't a boss for graduating Westpoint, I would disregard that. Coming from you, it has to have some validity.
  16. gambit187

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    Oh the head games Parcells liked to play...smh,,,i truely believe you had to either love or hate inbetween :laugh2:
  17. Dave_in-NC

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    Funny part is you would be hard pressed to find any of his former players worth a damn that didn't appreciate that.
  18. Risen Star

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    Yeah. Only a sissy would have a problem with it, to be honest.

    He's not there to be your friend or counselor.
  19. Risen Star

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    You would describe those former players as men.
  20. jobberone

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    Leaders don't just get people to do what they should do, they get them to do what they never even dreamed of doing.

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