DMN: Where to watch the Cowboys - by state

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 6, 2007.

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    MY House!!
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    Richmond suburbs

    Mulligans (Southside)
    11146 Hull Street Rd.
    Midlothian, VA 23112

    Glory Days Grill
    6151 Harbourside Centre Loop
    Midlothian, VA 23112
    Phone: (804) 608-8350

    Buffalo Wild Wings
    12056 Southshore Pointe Drive
    Midlothian, VA 23112

    Buffalo Wild Wings
    1156 Temple Ave.
    Colonial Heights, VA 23834

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    Wow I did not know that HotShots was a big Cowboys location and I live in Tamarac. Geez, I need to get off my butt. I have not been there since the Florida State Seminole Club was there in 2000.
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    Las Vegas


    Del's Bugsy's Bar and Grill, 6145 W. Sahara Ave. (at Jones Boulevard), 871-7194. Food specials include a breakfast special of two eggs, bacon, toast and potatoes for $4.99; a quarter-pound burger with fries for $4.99; a dozen wings for $5.99; a half-dozen sliders for $6.99; and a half-pound hot dog with fries for $3.99. Drink specials include $2 domestic drafts and free shots of peppermint schnapps with every Cowboys touchdown. Drawings will be for Cowboys hats, shirts and other memorabilia at halftime and the end of the game.

    Mr. D's Sports Bar & Grill, 1810 S. Rainbow Blvd. (near Oakey Boulevard), 362-8777. Food specials include 50-cent chicken wings, chicken fingers for $1, a half-pound hamburger with fries for $5, a munchie combo (onion rings, cheese sticks and mushrooms) for $5.50, and a half-pound of popcorn shrimp for $5. Drink specials include a bucket of five domestic beers for $10, domestic pitchers for $5, $2 Bloody Marys and free house shots after every Cowboys touchdown. Drawings at halftime and the end of the game will be for Cowboys hats, shirts and other merchandise, and bar tabs.

    Shucks Tavern, 9338 W. Flamingo Road (near Fort Apache Road), 255-4890. Food specials include oysters on the half shell for $1 each; Texas-style tempura shrimp skewers for $7.95; Texas-style chili in a sourdough bowl for $5.95; a half-pound chili-and-cheese hot dog for $4.95; six sliders topped with pepper jack cheese and Anaheim chilies for $5.95; a half-rack of barbecued baby-back ribs with Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce, slaw and fries for $8.95; and eight beef taquitos with salsa and guacamole for $4.95. Drink specials include pints of Bud Light for $2, pitchers of Bud Light for $8, buckets of five Bud or Bud Lights for $10, bottles of Lone Star beer for $2 and frozen margaritas for $5. Drawings will be for $250 comps and the use the following week of the Club Seat VIP table.

    Spring Valley Pub, 6142 W. Flamingo Road (near Jones Boulevard), 871-9378. Food specials include a free catered halftime buffet each week. Drink specials include $2 domestic drafts. Drawings will be offered each quarter for Cowboys T-shirts, plaques and memorabilia.

    Timbers Bar & Grill, 7081 W. Craig Road (near Tenaya Way), 215-3300. Food specials include five sliders with fries for $5 and a half-pound hot dog with fries for $5. Drink specials include Bud and Bud Light drafts for $2.50 and Bud and Bud Light pitchers for $8. Drawings will be for Cowboys hats, T-shirts and other items at halftime.
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    Ok, there has to be more than that in the Northern Virginia suburbs. Are there anymore out there that I can check out. I won't have sunday ticket this year because of a stupid tree that I canNOT cut down.:bang2:

    The one listed for Arlington is exactly where? Is it accessible from metro?
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    good thread

    any Maryland Cowboy fans want to meet up here, and watch the game over a couple brewskies?
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    Any chance that tree can meet with an untimely infection? Surely being that close to Jersey there are people who can help.
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    None of them are around my area so I'll stick with the local Hooters.:wink2:
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    Sunday ticket here, or I would be right there with you.
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    Arizona(Phoenix metro):

    I also recommend Teakwoods in Chandler during Cowboy games
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    Dallas Cowboys: Mezza Luna Restaurant & Lounge, 1140 19th St., NW; 202-429-8889;
    This friendly bar—which serves a delicious NFL Sunday brunch—isn’t exclusively pro-Dallas, but it is Washington’s best bet for finding Cowboys comrades. Make sure to say hi to the manager, rumored to be somewhat of a Dallas fan himself. If you get there early and ask that the game be shown on the bar’s 100-inch projection screen, he may even say yes.
    Closest Metro stops: Farragut North, Farragut West.
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    I saw a couple of suburban locations, anyone know of good places in Chicago proper?
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    You all should add The Monkeywrench on Baxter Ave in Louisville, Ky. to your list since you don't have Kentucky even listed.
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    If you are in or around the Portsmouth/Norfolk area the best place to watch all Cowboys games is Roger Brown's Sports Bar.

    316 High Street Portsmouth, Virginia 23704 (757) 399-5377

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    Atlantic City/Galloway/Absecon Area

    200 South Pitney Road
    Galloway NJ, 08205
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    I'm taking my hubby to the game Saturday vs. Panthers (12/22/07) and am looking for some fun stuff to do before and after the game in Charlotte? Any ideas? I hate to think I'd have to go to Hooters in Concord to find a bit of comraderie. Thanks.
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    You need to add Hooter's Ontario, California to your list. I am the president of the Dallas Cowboys FanZ Club and we average between 200-350 avid Cowboys FanZ at each game. We have over 1/2 the restaurant set aside just for the Cowboys fans. We give a way a lot of cool stuff, including autos, shirts, Memorabillia and so much more just for showing up.
    This week we have Fox Sports coming in for a live remote and also the NFL Alumni Association is bringing down 5 Former NFL Players to sign autographs during the game. Its the largest gathering of Cowboys FanZ I know of in the state.
    I'm not sure where you are from, but if you are in the So Cal area, come down and check us out. We will also be there in the 2008 season! Have a great week, and .... GO COWBOYS!!

    Don -
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    no montana? :confused:
  20. the kid 05

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    Rookies in Saint Charles IL
    1545 W Main St
    St Charles, IL 60174
    (630) 513-0681

    *its by request though, dont be scared to ask they are super friendly

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