DMN: Writer calls Dan Bailey's new deal 'Worst Contract of the Year'

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. KB1122

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    Although in fairness, at least Bailey plays. Unlike Kyle Orton.
  2. links18

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    Worst contract of the year? January isn't even over yet. Give Jerry time. He'll top it.......
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  3. diehard2294

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    The only way this becomes a bad deal is if he pulls a Vanderjack (SP) and all of a sudden forgets how to kick
  4. big dog cowboy

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    I didn't know who Bill Barnwell before now which tell me everything I really need to know.
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  5. perrykemp

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    It's obviously a sensationalist headline, however, there is an interesting point Barnwell makes about the contract.

    There are exactly two players in the entire NFL signed though 2020 -- Jay Cutler and now Bailey. The reason why Bailey was given such a long contract was the Cowboys HAD to make it that long just to fit into the cap. Ie, that get to take the bonus and average it across 7 years.

    It a more general sense it points toward the cap gymnastics the front-office is now being forced to perform in order to do things that are normally as straight forward as signing your kicker to an extension.
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  6. jobberone

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    I really like this post.
  7. links18

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    Meh, Stevie's got it under control.....:cool:
  8. Keifer

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    Thats what makes me nervous about it. Kickers are a different breed, for a time it looked like Folk was going to be the answer and then suddenly something got in his head and he lost his edge.
    If Bailey can keep his focus and keep banging it through like he is doing now then it will be a smart contract but if he losses whatever it is that makes him automatic then it will be just more dead money and another kicker search and once again Jerry will be crucified for it.
  9. Wood

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    about 8 million of it is guaranteed. My initial thought was 'wow' that big contract for a kicker and was it really necessary? Meaning was Bailey playing hard ball with Dallas? and if your Dez or Smith agent you can hear their laughter from here. Dallas can expect to see some outrageous numbers from their expiring contract going forward. I am not overly concerned about Bailey contract in itself but more about what precedence it sets for the players agents who represent players who participate in much more snaps.
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  10. speedkilz88

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    Bailey's bonus is only spread out five years. The last two years are straight salary to cap hit which would allow the club to restructure in the future.
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  11. jobberone

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    I'm not bothered about it one iota. This kid is money and from distance. His kickoffs are good, too. Money well spent IMO.
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  12. AmberBeer

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    It is a bad contract. For the salary cap hell the team is in to sign a kicker for over 3 mill a year is laughable. Just further cements the fact that the Cowboys are one of the laughingstock teams of the NFL currently. Have been since Jerry drove Jimmy away.
  13. Wood

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    oh I like the player alot. But its another example of Dallas over-paying when it doesn't look abundantly clear they needed to do so. Bailey was undrafted FA. I have hard time believing his agent walk into that negotiation asking for such a contract and getting it. I think Dallas would be much further along if Jerry & Stephan wives were handling things to be honest.
  14. WinnipegBoy22

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    Some articles aren't worth the time it takes to read. Bailey has been great so let's hope he keeps it going.
  15. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    I don't think he's being overpaid. Matt Prater got a 4 year 13 million contract. The average salary for a K last year was almost 900K. So he's way higher than average but not too high for a top five kicker. Locking him in was a good idea. Teams need money at K with the closeness of games these days.
  16. Tenkamenin

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    Hes the most consistent player on the team.
  17. Wood

    Wood Well-Known Member

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    If your a contending team and your in alot of close games...then yes I agree the kicker would command that type of contract. But Dallas isn't that team and has major holes especially along DL. Denver and NE are contending teams who will go deep into playoffs pretty much yearly.
  18. HeavyBarrel

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    Kickers matter in the parity era, if you have a good (maybe great) kicker-you pay him.....
  19. hornitosmonster

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    The contract is good and inline with what top kickers make.
  20. Bluefin

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    Dan Bailey was going to be a restricted free agent.

    Dallas was likely going to use a second round tender ($2.124M) with an outside chance of using the first round tender ($3.022M).

    The Cowboys bypassed using the RFA tender, while saving at least $0.424K against the salary cap in 2014, and avoid the possibility of needing to use the Franchise tag on their kicker in 2015.

    The length of the contract allows the team to restructure in 2015 and 2016, if desired, to lower Bailey's cap numbers those seasons.

    Even if those restructures take place, Bailey can be released for big cap savings as soon as 2017 (June release).

    If the restructures don't happen, Bailey can be released in 2016.

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