News: DMN's Jean-Jacques Taylor: Even with Vinny, Parcells will start a younger QB

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    Jean-Jacques Taylor: Even with Vinny, Parcells will start a younger QB

    02:19 AM CDT on Wednesday, June 2, 2004

    There's a good chance Vinny Testaverde will be added to the Cowboys' roster this week. That gives the Cowboys insurance if they are in the playoff hunt and Quincy Carter gets hurt or if Carter regresses this year.

    But he is not coming to be the starter, and it doesn't matter how good he looks in training camp.

    Coach Bill Parcells says Testaverde can still make all the throws. He says Testaverde can make all of the throws when he's 50. Or 60.

    He won't be starting then. And he shouldn't start this season.

    This is Carter's season to prove he can upper-echelon quarterback. He's going to have a better running game and a better passing attack. And he might even have a better offensive line.

    So he should perform better.

    If he doesn't, it will be Drew Henson or Tony Romo playing quarterback, because if Carter loses the starting job for any reason other than injury, it means the Cowboys have lost a bunch of games, and Parcells and owner Jerry Jones decided to bench him.

    In that scenario, Parcells and Jones will make the switch to find out what Henson and Romo can do.

    As for Chad Hutchinson, I'm not sure he'll make it to training camp.

    If the Cowboys sign Testaverde, they will have five quarterbacks on the roster. That's too many for training camp, because they won't all be able to get enough work.

    Carter will be the starter, and Testaverde will be the backup. Henson will probably be the third quarterback, and Romo will be the fourth.

    That would leave Hutchinson, who was average at best this spring in NFL Europe, on the outside looking in.


    Q: I've read how practices are set up to favor the offense moving the ball with no rush and obvious man coverage. I know that's necessary to work on the basics, but what about getting a quarterback up to speed on how to compose himself when faced with a blitz and tricky coverage? Quincy Carter's biggest problem last year was throwing on the move when he faced quick pressure from the defense. I know you can't hit the quarterback in practice, but I'd want to condition him for normal football. What do Bill Parcells, Sean Payton and David Lee do to help the quarterback maintain poise and avoid impulse throws?

    Ben Robards, Pawleys Island, S.C.

    TAYLOR: I'm not sure there's much you can do to help a quarterback maintain his poise during stressful situations aside from consistently talking about how to make good decisions under duress.

    Bill Parcells spends one segment of practice working exclusively on the blitz. As he told the players in training camp, "At some point this season, you're going to be begging teams to blitz you."

    Carter's bad decisions came from trying to make a play where one did not exist. His thought process was OK because he was trying to make a play, but his execution was poor. He must improve that facet of his game to take his performance to the next level. We'll see this year whether he can do it.


    Q: How much of the cold reception in Dallas toward Quincy Carter is racially motivated?

    Obviously Carter is not Troy Aikman, Danny White, Roger Staubach or Don Meredith. He is better than Steve Pelleur, though. I wonder what the fans are really looking for.

    Jeffrey Carbone, Union, N.J.

    TAYLOR: No one can really answer that question. It would be foolish to suggest there aren't some fans who don't want the Cowboys to have a black quarterback.

    I think Carter has two problems when it comes to fans. The first: He's not Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach. That's the standard of excellence in Dallas. That's also a difficult standard to uphold considering one of them is in the Hall of Fame and the other will be. The second: Management hasn't displayed much confidence in him. Jerry Jones has often said good things about Carter, but management brought in Chad Hutchinson after Carter’s first season and Drew Henson after his third season. Plus, he was replaced in his second season. I think the public looks at Carter and asks, "If Jerry Jones doesn't have confidence in him, then why should I?"

    More than anything fans want a winner. If Carter takes Dallas to another 10-6 record and wins a playoff game, he'll have a lot more fans. These same fans booed Troy Aikman in his final season in Dallas because they wanted Randall Cunningham to start.


    Q: With the Titans announcing that Eddie George may be a salary cap casualty, do you think the Cowboys will bring him in? Is there enough money to do that, or are there other players that may be of more interest?

    Jason Gresham

    TAYLOR: The Cowboys have enough money in free agency to do anything they want to do, but I don't think they need or want a runner like Eddie George. He's old for a runner, lacks big-play potential and doesn't play special teams. He still views himself as a starter and wants to be paid like one. I don't see that happening, so I don't see him here. I also think the Cowboys want to give a long look to players like Erik Bickerstaff, ReShard Lee and Aveion Cason, so their potential can be judged.


    Q: Do the Cowboys need a running back to mentor Julius Jones?

    J. Haze

    TAYLOR: I think any mentoring can be handled by a veteran such as Richie Anderson, who's respected throughout the locker room. I don't think running backs need mentoring. I think you can either run or you can't, which is why you see freshmen in college and rookies in the pros have success at a higher rate than other positions. You've either got moves and can get through the hole, or you can't.


    Q: I am tired of everyone apologizing for Quincy Carter. I have given Carter the benefit of the doubt, and it is appalling that when people criticize him for flaws in his game, you are the first to condemn them. Is it a crime for a fan to want the best talent on the field for the most important position?

    Carter did have something to do with the Cowboys getting to the playoffs. just like Jake Delhomme had something to do with the Panthers getting to the playoffs. But with their defense and their talented corps of receivers, the Cowboys should have had the record they had. Carter threw a lot of interceptions, and because of his inability to grasp the offense and his tendency to commit mistakes, the Cowboys played conservatively. That worked well against the weaker teams, but against the power teams, it was a disaster. Think how many games they would have won if Parcells trusted his quarterback and allowed him to utilize the weapons that he had.

    Robert Lintl

    TAYLOR: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think you fall into stereotypes when you talk about Carter's inability to grasp the offense. That's a euphemism for calling him dumb. That's wrong. Carter didn't have any problem with the offense. He made some poor decisions and tried to force some throws, but that's much different than making poor reads and throwing into triple coverage.

    As for that talented group of receivers, I disagree. Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn and Antonio Bryant had an excellent first month and then fell off the Earth. In the most important game of the season at Philadelphia, they failed to catch a single pass. That's terrible. It's also one of the reasons Galloway is no longer here. Carter didn't have many weapons around him last year. Now, he does. He doesn't have a lot of them, but the Cowboys should be better offensively than they were last year.


    Q: I understand folks are concerned about cornerback, but I also think the Cowboys are doing the right thing by not signing some big names for big dollars. If we were one cornerback short of going to the Super Bowl like we were when they signed Deion Sanders, then that would be one thing. But we’re not.

    Scot Clark

    TAYLOR: I think you make an astute point. I think the Cowboys also realize they still have some holes. That's why they haven't gone out on a spending spree to sign guys who either won't be starters or won't be on the team when they are ready to be legitimate contenders.


    Q: Can you tell me why the Cowboys have to be paid to stay in shape in the off-season?

    Shorty Petttit, Minot, N.D.

    TAYLOR: That's a good question. The team is compensating them for their time more than paying the players to stay in shape. Not every player is a millionaire. All of the undrafted free agents trying to make the team have to move to Dallas to work out at the facility, learn the offense or defense and try to make the team. They can't work another job and still try to make the team, so paying them $500 a week compensates them. As for the veterans, some of them don't make their homes in Dallas, so they have to get an apartment, and paying them helps defray the costs. I think teams started paying guys to work out because they preferred to have them working out at their facility, and paying them was the best way to ensure participation. But that was before seven-figure salaries became the norm.


    Q: Do you see the Cowboys being less conservative on offense? Will Bill Parcells, Maurice Carthon and Sean Payton let out a little room on Quincy Carter's leash?

    Erik Tuininga, Potomac Falls, Va.

    TAYLOR: I don't know. If Parcells has his druthers, he will run the ball until forced to stop. That's the way he prefers to play. He likes a conservative approach, but he wants the option of throwing the ball downfield and converting on third down. I think Dallas will be more aggressive on offense, but a lot of that has to do with the performance of Julius Jones and Keyshawn Johnson
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    JJT always sucks up to Carter or is it that he can't see that Carter is a AWFUL passer?

    If Vinny outshines him in preseason/training camp... Vinny will & should start, if not Hensen or Romo or Hutch...
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    All I ask is that all our QB's are given a fair shot at winning the job
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    Well, I guess that he just equals Spags out then huh? :rolleyes:
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    JJT never sucks up to Carter, or is it that he can see that Carter is a FANTASTIC passer? When Carter outshines the other QB's in preseason/training camp... Carter will & should start... ;)
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    Well I don't always agree with JJT, but I think most of his points in this article are pretty good.

    I also agree that this is the real year for QC to prove his self or the Cowboys should move on to Henson or who ever they feel should be the next in line.

    I know many here and other boards can't stand QC, but I think they are just jumping the gun a bit. Don't think I want to go into all the reasons now as to why I don't agree that QC's chance should be over. :rolleyes:
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    If Carter can do that then great he should be the QB if 1 of the others shows himself to be the better player then that player should get the job. 1 thing for sure though Carter has to show a hell of a lot more than he has up to this point.

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