News: DMN's JJT:Testaverde's agent: Quarterback wants to play

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Charles, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. BadKarma

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    0 Likes Received has come a long way, hos! :D I don't mind seeing him here, just to see if he's still got it. Wondering what its going to take salary wise.

    I just don't want to go into this season with just QC, Henson and Romo. We lose QC, we're in a world of hurts, regardless if he's not in our long term plans.
  2. Hostile

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    I'd rather go with Warner than Testaverde or Q ball. I think he'd be a great mentor. He certainly wasn't a drain in St. Louise on Bulger.
  3. EGG

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    "#2 - He has not demonstrated anything since his injury."
    Well, it's hard to argue with logic like that..

    "#4 - LA is a lifelong Cowboy and is on board with the program now. Warner has no history with us."

    That's true in the sense that LA holds some political favor here, but the point was that if LA can excuse his play because of injury and "has not demonstrated anything since his injury" then why can't another player? What makes you think LA can and Warner can't?
  4. Falcon

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    Personally, I do not want any vet QB signed. It will just muddy the waters. We currently have 3 project QB's now and 1 will have to go anyway.

    Last year I was dead set against QC, but QC has shown something while CHutch has not. Henson is a keeper and will need snaps and Romo is well like by coaches. I see us letting CHutch go and starting QC and grooming Henson. Romo carries the clipboard.

    If we pick up a vet, Henson loses snaps Romo has to go (unless we keep 4 QB's) and the vet backs up QC. Next season the vet is probably gone, Romo is gone and Henson did not get much time. Where would that leave us? Unless QC becomes a Franchise type QB. My Feelings are that QC is and will become a good to very good QB. We have to see if Henson can be a Franchise type QB.
  5. ddh33

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    Of course Vinny wants to play...and that's a good thing.

    If he comes here to Dallas, there is a solid chance he will get to play. It's hard to have just one starting QB all season. Dallas was fortunate last season to do exactly that. But you always want someone proven in the second spot. Vinny could be it, and do a great job.
  6. Sarge

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    I can live w/him as a backup for leadership purposes or in case QC starts throwing duck after duck (which is entirely possible) but not as a starter.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    Warner's wife scares the heck out of me.
  8. junk

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    My point being that I want a QB who wants to start. If he is second string, he wants to start. If the starter is injured, a second stringer who wants to start is more likely to be prepared and will probably perform better. In addition, that second stringer will push the starter (and the current starter could use some pushing).

    I am not a big fan of Vinny by any means, but I don't want a backup that is happy to sit on the bench and hold a clipboard.
  9. FLCowboyFan

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    If this were the case we should have gone after Collins. At least if the Vet got in there he could have won a few games for us. Vinny is not going to carry a team any longer, Collins could have. I say if he isn't willing to mentor the young QB's then we shouldn't sign him. That is the only reason I think he brings value to this team.
  10. coach316

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    Finally some sense is being made.

    Our biggest off-season failure this year was not going after Collins and dumping Quincy Carter. Let's face it. Carter is not the answer and never will be. Neither is Hutch. Henson? Who knows. But Collins is a winner and he would make us a legitimate contender NOW. Let him lead the team for 2-3 years while we bring along Henson and then Henson can step in when it's time for Collins to ride off into the obligatory role of "hired gun" that fading NFL QB's inevitably wind up to close out their careers.
  11. Hollywood Henderson

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    If Vinny or Warner were signed they BOTH would instantly upgrade our QB spot...Both are clearly MUCH better QB's then carter...Who might just end up last on the depth chart as EVERY QB we have is a better passer and with the Oline better, we need a QB who can PASS!
  12. cowheel

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    0 Likes Received much for Vinny.

    On to the next "back up QB" option.
  13. Doomsday101

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    All Vinny has asked for is a chance to compete, now if your that sold on Carter being a great QB then he should have no problem beating out Vinny. If Vinny were to beat out Carter then it really would show what a waste of time it has been with Carter.
  14. Dale

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    The irony with him wanting to be a starter is how many teams are looking for a starting quarterback right now? More importantly, how many teams could Testaverde legitimately start for?

    My primary problem with acquiring Testaverde is the fact that for all essential purposes, he gives us a three-man race for the starting spot. It's quite possible he's an upgrade over Carter as stated above given that he performed adequately in place of Pennington last season, but given his age and the fact his skills should be continually declining, I'm not at all positive that's a certainty.

    Some, like John Clayton, are quick to dismiss Henson as a legitimate candidate for the starting spot, but I'm not so sure of that either. If anything, even if Henson can't start this year (which is likely), do we want a 41-year old quarterback taking away his snaps and opportunities to grow on the field in practice?

    Testaverde would improve this team's depth, as he is an adequate backup, but it's a scary possibility that he could wind up starting for us.

    And of course, like with any other player, how much he costs will ultimately decide whether he comes here.
  15. Doomsday101

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    If a 41 year old QB is starting then how is that any different then when he played ahead of Pennington? No doubt Vinny would be here for the short term be it as a backup or starter and then give way to Henson when he is ready. Hell that is all Carter is doing buying a little time until Henson is ready
  16. Dale

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    The difference is that if we get Testaverde and keep Carter, Henson is buried on the depth chart. It's unlikely that Henson, as the third quarterback, would get many snaps at all throughout the season. Even during camp, he'd get the leftovers -- or the "Stoerner" snaps, as they could be called.

    When Pennington was playing behind Testaverde, didn't he serve as the #2 quarterback?

    It'd be totally different if we released Carter after signing Testaverde, but that would be an even worse move at this point in my mind. I think the last thing you want to do is hand a starting job to the 41-year old Testaverde.

    I guess I'm thinking of the hell that was the 2001 training camp, when the team was trying to split an equal amount of snaps between three quarterbacks -- Banks, Wright and Carter.
  17. Doomsday101

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    I disagree if the intention of the Cowboys is to make Henson the starting QB down the road then they will see to it that he gets what he needs as far as practice reps as well as a lot of 1 on 1 work with Payton.
  18. noshame

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    and Henson looks solid in pre-season, there's a good chance QC could be traded before the deadline. One thing is certain, it will be a interesting camp. Starting this weekend:)
  19. Charles

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    Do you mind playing that record again? I can't get enough of it.
  20. Charles

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    Where have you been Dale?

    We've all speculated what the moves or moves not made meant at the QB position. I think the division of the Qb snaps at mini-camp and training camp will let everyone know exactly what the coaching staff feels about the QB position.

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