News: DMN's Matt Mosley: McNabb steering Carter on course

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Charles, May 19, 2004.

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    Matt Mosley: McNabb steering Carter on course

    04:23 PM CDT on Wednesday, May 19, 2004

    Cowboys quarterback Quincy Carter made a public appearance Tuesday afternoon at Plano's Gulledge Elementary School. He then agreed to talk to reporters on the following condition: They couldn't ask anything about football.

    This qualifies as something you'd like to know before driving out to Far North Plano. Sure, you appreciate the fact Carter would take time out of his schedule to read to kids, but the Little Golden Book angle wasn't what the boss was looking for.

    Fortunately, Carter brought along a good buddy named Donovan McNabb. He was more than happy to talk football.

    After Carter was drafted three years ago, he immediately called McNabb, who had already become a star in Philadelphia. The two quarterbacks eventually met through their moms, who both belonged to an NFL mom's association.

    Carter said Tuesday that the best advice he got from McNabb was that you "can't worry about anything people are saying."

    McNabb learned that lesson early in his NFL career. His selection by the Eagles angered the city's passionate fans. And even after he'd led his team to the brink of the Super Bowl two straight seasons, it wasn't enough to insulate him from criticism.

    When the Eagles began last season 2-3, critics seemed to place the blame squarely upon McNabb. He'd suddenly lost his ability to hit moving targets.

    McNabb answered his critics once again by taking his team to its third consecutive NFC title game. He thinks Carter has too many critics. And he's not just talking about Cowboys fans.

    "Last year, he had a great year and led his team to 10-6 and into the playoffs," McNabb said. "No one has done that since Troy Aikman. And yet they're still trying to bring someone in. It's sad that a guy still has to prove himself every year."

    With Bill Parcells in town, that won't change. The biggest difference between Parcells and the previous coaching staff is that Parcells' only agenda is winning. The former coaching staff – namely offensive coordinator Bruce Coslet – didn't have any faith in Carter. And once the staff got him out of the lineup, Carter withdrew from his teammates and coaches.

    Want to know how far Chad Hutchinson has fallen in the eyes of this coaching staff? Just look at Carter during the second half of 2002.

    The Cowboys have brought in yet another failed baseball player to compete for the starting job. Some feared the addition of Drew Henson would hurt Carter's confidence and McNabb even called the move "a slap in the face." But Parcells has never minded stepping on toes.

    He hopes Carter will improve on last season's performance. But he has to have a contingency plan in place in case that doesn't happen.

    Parcells gambled last season by entering the season with Hutchinson as the No. 2 guy. But he's not likely to take the same chance this season.

    McNabb said Tuesday that he and Carter would work out together in Arizona this summer as long as Parcells would let Carter off his "leash."

    "Donovan's the epitome of what you want to be as a quarterback in the NFL," said Carter, briefly forgetting his no-football talk edict. "It doesn't surprise me when I see [Falcons quarterback] Michael Vick jerseys in Irving or Donovan jerseys. I'm going to get to that point where everyone will have mine. That's where I want to be."
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    Carter has been talking this crap since he came into the league. I wonder if he plans on backing it up anytime soon?
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    Yeah, stupid Quincy and his "I want to be good" stuff.

    This post is just further proof that a certain segment of fandom can find fault in Quincy for just about anything, and when it reaches such a level of illogic arguments it causes people to wonder wether the source of the bile really has anything to do with football.
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    Am I the only one liking McNabb less after reading that article? I went into that thinking that I was going to find out that Donovan was actually a pretty cool guy - even if he is an Eagle.

    Instead, I read references that refer to competition as a slap in the face. I hear him talk about Parcell's "leash".

    If anything, McNabb is much closer to being a spoiled and pampered athlete, so it seems.
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    Why is McNabb commenting on our offseason moves (re: "slap in the face")? It just seems kind of odd to me and I really don't like it. I hope QC isn't taking advice from McNabb on this matter as this is Cowboys business.

    In terms of the "leash" comment, Parcells mentioned several times last season that he had the leash tied pretty tight around QC. Donovan seems to be using that term in a slightly different context here and seems to be giving BP some sass.

    IMHO, McNabb needs to be shut-up real quick. QC hanging around with this joker placidly while he besmirches the Cowboys FO (I know I may be reading too much into this as much of it is probably out of context) kind of pisses me off.
  6. Eskimo

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    You're way off-base here. You're reading something that isn't said or even implied as far as I can tell.
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    so smart Quincy would say "I suck, and will always suck" ?

    hope you dont teach that kids if you (god forbid) have any.
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    It is sad that a guy has to prove himself every year? You have got to be kidding me.!!!! Just the type of guy that I wouldn't want our qb to learn from.

    ( if I knew how to isolate the quote from mcscab i would have)
  9. Sarge

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    I would have to say that when you haven't proven ANYTHING to date, proving yourself every year is necessary - period.
  10. Gaede

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    I don't see the problem...Quincy said he wants to be the best...

    what is wrong with that?
  11. jay cee

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    I totally agree with that.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    The reason he was commenting on these things is because although Q and he were there for the kids and the press should have respected that...instead they started asking Q and D questions.....QC said he did not want to talk football so they started asking D the questions...I think he was doing nothing more then to try and take up for his friend (Q).
  13. Doomsday101

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    I really hope that Parcells will let QC off the leash and let McNabb take him to Arz. but only if he promises not to bring him back. LOL
  14. Mattsdad

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    Yeah, I see how good working out in Arizona did for McSlabb last year. Yeah, various things in the last year have made me dislike McNabb a little. Great quarterback, but needs to shut his mouth more nowaday. Just my opinion.
  15. CapnComeback

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    Sorry dude but GREAT quarterbacks play GREAT in the greatest of games on the grandest of stages. Perhaps you should look at Donovan McFraud's numbers in championship games.

    Montana, Bradshaw, Aikman, Brady, Elway, Favre, Unitas, Staubach, Young....McNabb's not on that level:not even close.
  16. Rocco

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    It's still weird to see Brady's name in lists like that..
  17. BigDPlayer

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    NY MNF overtime miracle win? Carolina game last second win?! More consecutive 200+yd games than any other QB in Dallas history?! Led this mediocre team to a 10-6 record and to the playoffs?!

    I'm not saying he's the next Staubach but you cannot say he hasn't proven ANYTHING. Well, you can, but you'd be making a fool of yourself. :)
  18. Dorsett33

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    I just don't quite understand. QC has improved his play every year that he's been in the league. And yet, some of you guys don't give him the credit he so deserves. There weren't many quarterbacks that played great their first few years. Elway sucked, Aikman sucked, and Favre sucked. And a lot of those QB's didn't become very good until they had a well rounded offense in place (running game, blocking, and good receivers). I can really understand if QC hasn't improved each year. But he has and it really makes me wonder that it's more to it than his play. Please someone, help me understand because I'm not getting it.
  19. Doomsday101

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    Carter has improved each year? 2001 season QB raing of 63.0, 2002 QB rating of 72.3 and 2003 rating of 71.4. When you improve the numbers should be going higher not lower. Carter keeps making the same mistakes he has from the get go. I will credit him with his ability to escape from the pocket, problem is when he is on the run he can't figure out weather to run or pass so he ends up making some last second stupid throw that ends up killing us and he has managed to do this each and every year.
  20. Dorsett33

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    But, are we worried about ratings or are we worried about wins? I agree with you that he did make some poor decisions, but most quarterbacks do that their first few years in the league. But, QC's overall play has improved each year. And keep in mind, that's without a RB. And I don't think we can put all of the interceptions on QC. Some of them were receivers fault. And even his QB Rating of last year. It would probably be a lot better if he didn't have so many dropped balls. There are so many factors into why QC didn't or did do this and that. But, the players around him contribute to that as well. To me, with what he was working with last year, he improved drastically.

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