News: DMN's Matt Mosley: McNabb steering Carter on course

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Charles, May 19, 2004.

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    Wow, you consider them great?? Marino, I agree with, but Manning and Brady are very good, but not great in my eyes.
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    You brought up Brian Griese on how he improved his first few years and it never panned out. What I was saying is that doesn't mean QC is going to follow that pattern. I, also, was saying how last year, a lot of people were wondering how many wins would QC lead us to. After that was accomplished, it was about how poor his stats were. To me, it goes to show that people are always going to find something negative to say about somebody. Few of us see the positives that QC brought to us and see the surrounding help that we're getting and the fact that he'll be in the same offense two years in a row. My point is that I think its very positive that QC did what he did last year (though not great) without any offensive help.
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    But it comes from both sides of the fence. The QC side has the same tired arguements too. I have watched alot of QC games. If I had seen something that he did really well, I could deal with the learning curve and the mistakes. If I had seen massive improvement, I would deal with the learning curve and mistakes. I just haven't seen that. If I am wrong, great. Dallas has a QB, but I think it is a position that needs an upgrade. I don't know if Henson is that upgrade, but I am also not calling for him to start as well. There are several positions that need an upgrade, but no one cares if those are mentioned. I have been trying really hard to look at both sides of the issue. It just seems there are people on both sides that won't.

    I have asked this before and I get ignored. What does QC do really well? Not excuses (no oline, no RB, WRs dropping passes, etc). What does he do really well?
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    While this post is not directed at DD101, It is the double standard of quotes like these that really frustrate me in these debates. I've been lurking here (and for the past 3-4 years and I can't count the number of times people point out that they believe the Cowboys will be a better team even though the record will not show it. Yet QC can't have possibly improved because his stats are identical. You can't measure improvement by stats alone. The stats are influenced by many diferent elements, Many of which are outside of the QB's control. The play of the QB, the effectiveness of the OL, the abilities of the WR the impact of the running game, the defensive schemes and game plan the QB faces, the level of opponent, and the invariable lucky bounce. The change in these factors from year to year make it impossible to judge improvement based on stats alone.

    My second frustration is the deference people show to the development of first round QB's versus the lack of respect shown to QC. Most of these QB's that came out around the same time are around the same level of development as QC, but when it comes to them people aren't saying that they need to find a veteran or unproven rookie replacement. the Harrington's Carr's Brees' have not shown anything more than what quincy has shown. all of them have had performances which make you think they are ready to breakout and they have had even more performances where you wonder what the hell they were thinking and this includes QC. Give QC the same benefit of the doubt you are showing other 3 year QB's.

    Has QC improved over the past 3 years? I think so. Is his play where I would like it to be as a fan? No. Do I think he could get to level of being an allpro QB? I don't know. Just like everyone else on this board doesnt know if he can reach that level. We can speculate, but for people to make statements like, "he has reached his maximum potential" and "he will never be anything better than a backup QB" are speaking foolishly, because they have know idea what QC, BP and the coaching staff are capable of accomplishing. Now, I am not saying that he will be an allpro. I am saying that I don't know and no one on this forum knows. How many players appear to be bust and something clicks and they become probowl level players i.e. Flozell Adams. How many people on this forum wanted to get rid of Flozell prior to the start of this season? How many feel the same way now? It is possible the same thing may happen with QC. I for one am hopeful. I thinks QC's first 2 years were waste due to the lack of coaching development i.e. thrown to the wolves rookie year, and an OC who didn't want him in the first place and wasn't concerned about his development in his sophmore year. Last year was the first year that he was exposed to competent coaching with BP and Sean Payton this upcoming year is his second year in the same system. Because of this I expect there should be major improvement in QC's play.

    I trust BP and his decision making (especially over all the pro and anti Carter posters on these forums). He is not in this for his health, he is in it to win and he is a proven winner. If he thinks QC gives us the best opportunity to win over anyone else on or off our roster than I accept that. If he doesn't think QC provides the best opportunity then I trust he will replace him with someone who will.
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    Okay gotcha.

    No, it doesn't mean Q will follow that pattern. Just like his slight improvements his first 3 years do not mean he will continue to improve.

    It works both ways.
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    Great post. Welcome to the forum. Quit lurking and start posting. I enjoyed the heck out of that.
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    Great post. I couldn't have said it better. I just couldn't understand why all of the negativity to QC when he's improved especially without the other elements.
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    Great post DallasinDC
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    It just appears that you and some others are willing to settle for average to less than at QB, myself I'm not looking for average because average is not going to keep the Cowboys back on top
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    IMO, he has pretty good pocket awareness as far as sensing the rush. This was apparent to me in a game last year (not sure which one) when 2 defenders were coming around the edges at him and he just sorta ducked and spun away while they ended up tackling each other. I thought it was pretty funny.

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