Do any fellow Zoners ever behave in this way for big games like next week's?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jcblanco22, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. jcblanco22

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    This is probably a silly question, but I am betting at least one person on here will say they have/will do this for a big Cowboys contest late in the year:

    Does anyone ever just set the VCR or DVR up, gets away from any kind of television or radio for the next 3.5 hours after that, and comes back to find out what happened when the game is just too crucial to bear watching live? I have rarely done this, but I did step out for a while during the Colts game this year (the entire 2nd quarter) while recording it, and I also recall having to turn off a chunk of the 1995 NFC Championship against the Pack when it was still close (again, while still recording it and watching it afterwards).

    While I will say that it leaves me completely open to some playful criticism, I will also say that there is a special feeling in plopping down to watch the tape when you know that no matter what you see go wrong during the course of the game, everything will be beautiful in the end, LOL.

    I am thinking of doing this during the Giants game this week.
  2. stealth

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    if I know how the game ends it ruins watching it for me.

    the only time I jump up and down and act like a fool is when the game is live. Thats half the fun for me.
  3. DragonCowboy

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  4. dfense

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    I've done it. Sometimes the stress anxiety is too much for me.
  5. Dale

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    Yeah, same here.

    The up-and-down nature of watching it live makes me tick, too.

    I usually don't sleep much nights before "big" games. I'll stay up late watching all the taped NFL shows, play some Madden online, and of course post at CowboysZone. :)
  6. bbgun

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    I only did this during a home game vs the Eagles in 1992. Oh, and an episode of Mama's Family. The tension was unbearable.
  7. jcblanco22

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    You're right about Mama's Family. Sometimes the vitriol against Vern from Mama was too much for me to take live.
  8. Ashwynn

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    Never. Win or lose, I am there till the end. I have recorded a game when unable to watch live due to work or something, and would only watch it if we won, but a big game, wouldn't miss is live unless my job depended on it, and it never will now that I have changed positions. But there were times i wish I could have gotten up and walked away.
  9. Tuna Helper

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    I have done this before, but I got away from taping the game or setting the DVR. I can't rewatch a game no matter what the outcome is. I even fell asleep while watching a tape of SB 28 recently.

    I stepped out during the game against the Panthers, but I listened in the car on Sirius radio while I drove around aimlessly. We were down 14-0 at the time, and I couldn't take it anymore.

    I sometimes find relief in not having to watch the game, and just listening to it at times when my stress level is high. I find that listening and not watching helps calm me down until I can turn the TV back on.

    What a great way to use my new 46" Sony LCD HDTV...LOL!
  10. Hoov

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    i have run out of the room right before an attempt at a game wining fg before.

    during the colts game i walked out of the room on 3rd and goal on the last td. i could still hear the tv and i heard interception, but there's a flag and when they said the flag was on Indy i came back in. Thats the only time i have left this year.
  11. Duane

    Duane Well-Known Member

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    I've had games get my blood pressure so high that I had to leave the house as well. However I always keep the DVR on so I can catch up when I calm down and get back home.
  12. 5Stars

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    Never! What, are you afraid of competition?

    Win or lose, or winning or losing during a game I stand till the end!

    Look at what happens? Did you not see the Titans come back and beat the Giants? See...!

    If you are to afraid to watch the Cowboys get beat...then you need to get tougher...because the mighty Cowboys will lose, again and cannot win them all...

    NEVER LEAVE A GAME! Watch and see...
  13. jcblanco22

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    There are certain games with so much at stake real and perceived, that it becomes a bit much. This coming week may be one of those for me, and to top it off, now we've signed Gramatica after I started this thread, which will make kicks even more interesting.

    This game has first place, public perception, mindless smack talk at Extremeskins with "I told you the Cowboys weren't for real" written all over it, etc. riding on it. I don't know what I'm going to do, LOL.
  14. godofwar

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    If I can watch the game live, I do so. I can't stand catching the game in the middle. I need to watch it from the beginning, and I always watch until the very end.

    If I know I'll miss the game, I'll record it. I much prefer to know how it ends prior to watching it. The waiting anxiety drives me crazy. I still get excited watching the plays anyway. And I watch the game regardless of a win or loss.
  15. Everlastingxxx

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    Washing my hands and face 200 times between commercials is what helps me make it through, but i can relate to the stress!
  16. ka0tik

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    I never walk out, I sit and suffer thru the whole freaking game. I bang my control, I sit in 1000 positions etc..etc.. hahahaha

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Wait, I don't get it? So you leave, get away from any media, then come back and just watch the end? As excrutiating as it may be to watch live, it's 10 times worse for me to NOT know what's going on. Are we up? Are we down? What's happening. That's even worse for me.
  18. jcblanco22

    jcblanco22 Active Member

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    No, in the scenarios I'm describing I would wait until the entire game is finished, find out the score first, and then watch the tape beginning to end, happy as can be if I know it's a win and resigned to our fate and curious if it's a loss.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Wow, so you're just shooting the breese doing whatever while your favorite team is at "war." No way man. I see what you mean sorta. When I'm rewatching the game, it's so relaxing knowing that we won but I would probably have a nervous breakdown pretending to do something else while the game was being decided. I really don't know how I survived before sports bars just watching the scores/updates while watching other games. I can't even listen to the Boys on the radio.
  20. WV Cowboy

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    I was at that game, and even though it was 14-0, you could see that we were able to move the ball, and if we could eliminate the penalties and score next, we would be OK.

    What a terrific 4th qtr that was !!

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