Do Cowboys switch to the 4-3 now?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by robert70x7, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Nice thread and I appreciate the opinions on how our personnel do/don't fit in a potential 4-3. I've been thinking 3-4 for so long that I've forgotten how different the positions and needs are. In particular I'm curious about the young guys - if Crawford would flourish in a 4-3, and if would help Wilber at all - he seemed a little lost this year.
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    Interesting take on Wilber. I haven't really looked at any of the few plays he was in, but he ran a 4.86 at the combine. Don't know if covering a tight end which he'd have to do as a Sam, fairly often, would be his best position. He'd need to add some bulk to play DE but he's a young guy so it's possible, we'll see what they do with him.

    You're right about Crawford. I think he could turn out to be an above average strongside DE. That'd allow you to take a Hankins in the first. Sheldon Richardson is an interesting prospect who could play the 3 technique in case, for some reason, Ratliff walks. I think you could also slide him out to strongside DE.

    We invested quite a bit in press man corners so I don't think we'd be going to a Tampa 2 scheme. Plus our safeties are terrible, although we do have Sean Lee at mike where he'd excel.

    Going to be an interesting offseason, that's for sure.
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    If we switch tot he 4-3 then bring in Lovie Smith as DC! (he'll most likely get a HC position but I can dream)
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    I'm with TheFinisher on how personel breaks down.

    Lovie, though seemingly a far-fetched notion to me, would be great. He would know how to use Lee and Carter for sure.

    Lots of holes yet to fill but a solid unit can be put together if injuries are avoided.
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    RDE: Spencer , Wilbur
    DT : Ratliff , lissemore (if 4-3 we keep rat)
    DT: Spears , Hatcher
    LDE: Ware , Albright

    OLB : Carter , Lemon
    MLB: Lee , Sims
    OLB: ??? , Conner

    CB : Carr , Scandrick
    SS : Church , Johnson
    FS: ???????, Frampton
    CB: Claiborne , Moore

    Actually we have adequate personal for. 4-3 . We would have less holes and be able to draft BAP . I'm all for it we would need another staring LB and FS other then that we are good .
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    I really think Rat and Spears are done here. I want to keep moving forward, been there and done it with those guys and it just hasn't worked. Its not '09 anymore, Ratliff and Spears haven't been earning their contracts for quite some time. Thanks for the work guys but its time to move on....

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    Well, regardless of what defense we play, we will need two good safeties. That's universal.

    However, if we go to a 43, that does help us a great deal with regards to cap. We can afford to let Spencer go and the impact is much less IMO. Carter played outside and inside in College so that's not really an issue. Lee can also play inside or outside. Sims, IMO, is a good fit for a 43 as well and he would be a much cheaper sign I'd imagine. Those three could start for you. What you would really need is a very good 3Tech. Rat would really work well in that position but he's gone IMO. I think we would need to make 3tech DT a priority.
  8. Future

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    Agree with everything here. Lots of speed and athleticism at LB, and if another DT can be brought in to eat up some double teams, they could really excel.
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    I think that there are bigger differences between some 4-3 defenses than there are between some 3-4 vs 4-3 defenses.

    Mike Zimmer's 4-3 is significantly different than the 4-3 that the late Jim Johnson used with the Eagles.

    Here is a blurb from Bob Sturm:

    "Some will say that the Cowboys just wanted to move to the 4-3. And maybe that is all it is. But, if you read this column, you know that I have been saying they have been running a modified 4-3 for Ryan's entire run here. At least half of the game every week is either in an actual 4-3 (nickel defense on 3rd Downs and other passing scenarios) or a modified 3-4 where Ware rushes 88% of the time getting him defined as a DE in a 4-3 defense and the front 3 is just a DE and 2 DTs."


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    It's possible that we already have that guy on the roster. Calloway is a big DT. He could probably play 1Tech.
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    My mock actually still looks pretty good. :D
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    I reviewed all of Calloway's plays which were very limited.

    He appears to have the physical ability required. He just needs more experience. In the current 3-4 he is definitely worth keeping as the 6th or 7th DL. I think he has the quickness to play 3-4 DE or 4-3 DT as well as 3-4 NT.
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    Be it the 3-4 or 4-3, the defense was needing another couple D-linemen... regardless. A 3-4 NT and an end or a 4-3 DT and an end.

    In other words I don't see going to a 4-3 being some big change.
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    True. I always forget about him :laugh2:

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