Do Not Blame Bledsoe For This Crap!!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by K-DOGG, Dec 19, 2005.

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    Considering one of the guys who thought Bledsoe was done, is the guy who won a SB recently, I guess, I put more stock there.

    But I Digress, this team is really at crossroads, QB or not. I really doubt there is a sense proper direction as to what will be the QB scenario next year. If BP is here, its obvious who it will be.
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    NE had Brady, who is better than Bledsoe, Buffalo screwed up.

    Who should BP have brought in ?
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    collins or griese are both capable players. griese would have at least been a very good backup with years of experience under his belt.

    you tell me why bp has left #2 and 3 open and so "raw" since he got here. i've been trying to make sense of that since he got here. ditch qc (not all againt it but he coulda been demoted to 2 or 3 also) and bring in 1st, vinnie. then drew. so we know he WILL bring in a qb, just doesn't seem to keep any around that could poise a "tom brady" situation.

    you tell me where the logic is in that, i'll do all i can to listen with an open mind.
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    I do blame Bledsoe for the first interception. That seemed to be the one play where the o-line had everyone blocked. Bledsoe did not find a passing lane. He threw it right at the defensive lineman. But that was not the worse part of that play. The receiver was covered. That ball should not have been thrown at all or maybe just sailed out of bounds. The linebacker dropped back and was sitting between Drew and the receiver, if the d-end doesn't bat it, the linebacker picks it.

    Just a tremendously bad play to get things started. Dallas as a team played very poorly, but you just never know how one play can swing momentum and change the outcome. I am not blaming Drew for the loss, that goes to the team. I do blame Drew for a bad start. Parcells probably sees it the same way. He blames Cundiff and McBriar for their bad plays that viewed alone don't lose the game, but add them all up and there is a loss. Drew's play just got things going in the wrong direction.
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    Bledsoe didnt play well either.

    Bledsoe was very inaccurate in this game and it probably had alot to with him being bullrushed the entire game.

    - Mike G.

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