Do NOT fire Peyton. Zimmer not to blame.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolverine, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Peyton started off the game with good calls. He played real smart having Bledsoe move around in the pocket to make him harder to sack. That was smart. The flea flicker. Loved that.

    My only problem with Peyton was sitting on a 13 point lead. Or was it really Peyton. Was it Parcells who called up to Peyton to hold back and chill. We will not know.

    Peyton can not be blamed for 2 ghost holding calls the Refs called on Adams. Had the Refs not come through for the Skins on that 2nd bs call Keyshawn has the 1st down and we most likely have the win.

    But sitting on a 13 point lead hurt us more then any bad calls. That simple.

    I hate Zimmer but I will say no way can you blame him on this. Our D held their O to 14 points. That should win most games. Zimmer can't do anything when the refs are not calling the holding the Redskin OL was getting away with all night.

    Our D got 5 sacks and forced 2 turnovers. A little more pressure would have been nice but no way you can blame Zimmer or the D on this one.

    Blame Parcells and maybe Peyton and the refs to.

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