do not overpay Spencer

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mmillman, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. mmillman

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    Scenario 1 pay Carr and Nicks and draft the OLB. (Still think Butler is better than most think)

    Scenario 2 pay Williams and Carr and draft Decastro.

    Dallas then can wait and pick up a veteran safety.

    My point it that money spent on an average lb is wasted when you can pay an elite cb or guard about the same. Or take that money and pay it toward Mario and have him come off the edge opposite Ware.
  2. newlander

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    ....but it won't happen: Jerrah ALWAYS overpays 'his' guys: Roy Williams, Free, Scandrick, etc.....that's why he sucks as a GM and this team is doomed until he dies or has an epiphany and steps aside
  3. cobra

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    If only Jerry was a smart GM like Danny Snyder who lets his guys walk and then overpays for the biggest Free Agent name on the market. Then we would be as successful as the bottom-dweller Redskins!

    We could let Ryan Clark walk to make Adam Archuleta the highest paid safety in league history!
    We could let Antonio Pierce walk and then overpay for Andre Carter!
    Etc., etc!

    The Redskins model of bringing in new toys every off-season is such a successful one!
  4. mmillman

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    Really is depressing how this team is being run.
  5. TheSport78

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    I think Dallas will pay Nicks and sign a decent CB in free agency like Tracy Porter. If we can work out a decent contract for Spencer, then I think the Cowboys will do it. If not, I don't think the Cowboys have a problem with addressing OG and CB in free agency, and then selecting Courtney Upshaw at #14.
  6. TheCoolFan

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    Oh he WILL be rewarded with a monster contract...they love him. All his agent needs to do is show the replays of that blocked FG and Jerry will go crazy
  7. kmp77

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    If they overpay then we're doomed. He should be cut much less resigned to a big contract. It's decisions like this that has gotten us to where we are. It can't continue.

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