Do we have the coaching to get it done?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by The30YardSlant, Mar 19, 2006.

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    Okay, firt of ll let me say this is not about mike Zimmer who, despite what so many think, is a great defensie cordinator and will be fine. It's BP and the offense I'm worried about. Can some nobody at offensive coordinator and Bill Parcells get it done?
  2. tomo817

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    Not sure what you're talking about considering Palmer was the OC for Bledsoe when the Pats went to the Superbowl!
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    Good point

    Welcome to the board.......enjoy
  4. The30YardSlant

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    And he has done..........nothing since then:rolleyes:
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    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2: Thanks I needed a good laugh.
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    :welcome: to the forum. Enjoy your stay.

    Just keep out of Cbz's yard however unless you bring a DP with you.
  7. Erik_H

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    Is that right? You know what that means.

    It means we are switching to a pass first offense. Instead of grinding it out and dinking and dunking, we'll be passing to loosen up the run for Julius.

    I think we'll be seeing a very different team this year.
  8. DallasEast

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    But, the exact same thing could be said of Parcells. And, for any Redskin fans reading this, the same thing could be said of Gibbs...
  9. tomo817

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    Ok we're talking about the Houston Texans here and their matador O-Line, not exactly the team you want to light up the scoreboard!....With Owens, Glenn, Witten, and Julius as weapons he will have a lot to work with plus a vastly improved line changes everything....Defenses want to stack the line and blitz?.....NO problem.....T.O gets a line pass and goes 90 yds just like he did when he *****-slapped Bailey on the way to the house!....hahaha
  10. neosapien23

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    In all fairness to Bailey, he was playing with a hurt hamstring. TO does have the ablility to turn five yard gain into a 90 yard gain though.
  11. The30YardSlant

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    Average total defense rank in his 6 years as DC: 8th

    And thats with the crap talent we had in the Campo years
  12. cobra

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    We should probably just forfeit the entire season and not even waste everyone's time playing the games.

    (What is it about some of you: are you phyisologically unable to be excited about the upcoming season and be satisfied that the team is putting itself in the best position it can to win?)
  13. tomo817

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    I think its hysterical that someone would be worrying about our coaching at this point when we have one of the top 5 coaches in the history of the league leading our team!....Yeah you're right, lets go hire some hot shot coach out of college w/ no experience.....Would that make you feel better?.....LOL
  14. sago1

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    Actually I do worry about our coaching staff compared with the Skins. I know many of you think there too many chiefs and not enough Indians over there and somehow they will screw up. But here's my take. We've got about 13/14 coaches on our staff and the Skins have 20/21. That's about 7 more Skins coaches who can devote more of their time "coaching up" some of their players at selected "need" positions. After all, we did hire one of Parcells former LBs to coach just our ILB players this season. Why can't we do the same at C? We'd probably all be impressed with how much progress both Johnson & Gurode make with 1 coach focusing exclusively on their development.
  15. Kilyin

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    That's a good point. I'd have to say Parcells has been a minimalist when it comes to coaching. Is it because he truly believes that's the best way, or does he just try to do too much with too little because of his controlling nature?
  16. Redball Express

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    Palmer had to work with in his other stops.

    I think Palmer will be fine. As will the rest of the coaches.

    BP has re-assumed the playcalling now and he's given guys like Payton and other's a stop on the way to add to their resume's that they coached under BP.

    The coaches we have now are what BP wanted and has been able to recruit over 3 years here.

    If not now, when..?

    If not with this group, is there really much more time to make a whole lot more coaching changes given it needs to happen in the next 2 years..?

    Probably not.

    This is basically the coaches that will do it or not.

    (Fingers crossed and and looking for that old rabbit's foot in my desk)

  17. CalCBFan

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    BP hasn't done much, but I differ on Gibbs. It has only taken him 2 years to make the POs and even manage to win a PO game. That puts him ahead of BP in my book.

    I've said many times BP will have to show me. I just can't get sold on him nor his "genius"...

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