Do we still target Donald? Or do we go S in round one?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TrailBlazer, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Bullflop

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    There's a wide variety of opinion on Ealy. I think there's more that like him than those who don't. I happen to belong to the former.
  2. Manwiththeplan

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    I'm guessing you don't watch other teams
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  3. Cebrin

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    Glad I'm not the only one who likes Pryor more. I like the drive of HaHa but, he's still gotta beef up a bit to lay hits on 6'5" 200+lb WR's and TE's. Best available here if you ask me. I'd be set on anything in the front 7. You can have the best secondary in the NFL but, if you're not pressuring the QB, it won't matter.
  4. Bwareinrings94

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    Actually I do. I grabbed them off the top of my mind. If you are among the crew that wants another safety, are you convinced the ones we have a garbage?
  5. Manwiththeplan

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    I'm not in "that" crew, but Church is average at best if he plays SS, as opposed to FS and everyone else was bad last year. Do we need to spend a first on a safety, if they are the BPA, sure. Is it our biggest need, no.
  6. rwalters31

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    I have a few chose words for you but they are not printable!
  7. XxTDxX

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    I think the most likely scenario at this point is that we will trade either up or back. I highly doubt they would use their 1st rounder on the same position they just used a bunch of resources on. Jerry has always said your 1st rounder has got to start. I think maybe they trade up for a guy like Barr or Clowney/Mack which would be HIGHLY unlikely.. or the more likely scenario I see is trading down and targeting guys like Odell Beckam Jr, Jimmie Ward, Kelvin Benjamin, Xavier Sua Filo, Scott Chrighton, and Ryan Shazier. I think at 16 they will most likely be looking at guys like Calvin Pryor, Clinton Dix, Marqise Lee, and CJ Mosley and I don't think they want any of them
  8. Corleone

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    I don't think we can be strictly BPA with one side of the football being so incredibly inferior to the other. Of its close, take the defensive player. Only if its close. If not, you take BPA whether its Watkins or Evans or one of those stud tackles or hell even Manziel if they like him that much. Only exception is TE (we flat out dont need one) and RB ( don't need one this high and I'd never take a RB in the first these days anyway)

    If close, defensive tie breaker is a must. I lean toward a trade down if there's one available, we an use an extra third round pick this year.
  9. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    No, but like I said, I sell him to some other team. Then they can lie to their fans, call him the best defender in the draft and compare him to Deion Sanders.
  10. TrailBlazer

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    Seattle San Fran and KC all have much better safety play than Dallas
  11. vicjagger

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  12. Aven8

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    Are you talking about those spares Earl Thomas and Berry?? :D
  13. Bwareinrings94

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    I believe the fronts of those teams dictate the success of those secondaries. I admit that each of those teams has a very good safety on it but I also believe that they are not dramatically better than Dallas' best safety. I would always take Berry or Thomas over Church of course but I believe Church would stand out as excellent with a good front seven in front of him. SF, KC and Seattle are exceptional up front.

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