Do You Agree With Drew About WR's?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Jan 4, 2013.

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    smh you have completely missed the point in your rush to be super offended. Slow down, read more carefully.

    Our receivers (plural) have shown that they're injury prone. When we needed them most, through no fault of their own, they were on the sideline or in the locker room. That's the end. I love Dez. Get over it.
  2. CowboyStar88

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    LOL I am over it. Obviously you are not over it, because you attacked a guy who was in a wheel chair after a potentially (dodged a bullet) dangerous injury. I don't think we have ever seen Dez miss a game for a strained muscle or a hang nail. All we hear is about is strained Muscles. Nagging injuries like the ones Miles always has are "injury prone" broken bones and freak accidents I wouldn't label as "injury prone" Felix Jones= Injury prone/injury waiting to happen, but Miles production doesn't warrant his contract. Can you find 900 yards and 60 rec somewhere else for a cheaper price? I would say the odds are in your favor.
  3. Muhast

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    He annoys me to no end. He isn't a Keyshawn Johnson bad, but he is annoying.
  4. starfrombirth

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    The known commodity about Miles is that he is injured most of the year every year. :bang2:
  5. Gameover

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    If only our brain trust could figure this out!

    Harris is pound for pound, the best player on this team.Only a fool like Nick Eatman could fail to see how great D.Harris truly is!
  6. Redball Express

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    What you said.

    He was another player coming out of the 2007 season where the team looked like it was going to turn the corner only to slam headlong into the wall by over-evaluating their upside.

    Marion Barber was another of those guys we over paid and paid the price on him as well. All of these guys were low draft picks or un-drafted players that we over paid and wrongfully elevated expectations and salary cap because of one good season.

    I'll leave Romo's name off my list because that name obviously belongs on the list, too.

    OOps..well, there you have it.

    Him, too.


    :starspin RedBall ExPreSS :starspin
  7. sbark

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    right, Drew was correct when he made the comments, he's more than happy Dez turned it around
  8. koolaid

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    sorry but I can't just forget drew for ragging on dez with everyone else when it was popular a few months ago and acting like its all good now.
    you either believe a guy can play or you don't. don't waffle when a player shows otherwise and act like you were never a hater, or at the very least least admit you were wrong.

    Drew Pearson's first 2 seasons:
    In 73 he had 22 catches for 388 and 2 TD
    In 74 he had 62 catches for 1087 and 2 TD

    Dez Bryant:
    45 for 561 and 6 TD
    63 for 928 and 9 TD

    not that these stats matter, but all i'm saying is dez has never shown anything but effort and heart and his stats clearly didnt suck even with injuries. If drew wants to jump on the dez wagon its fine, but don't expect people to forget what he said.

    edit: that all said i don't really have a problem with what drew said about our core for next season
  9. Gaede

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    agree on Miles. I'm beginning to think the game is not important to him. I'd hate to create another hole though unless we could trade him
  10. Falcon554

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    You cant blame anyone for questioning Dez, the Dez we saw the first 6 games is so diffident then the Dez we seen those last 6 games. Its like you watched someone just get it. There were times where you watch him out there just wondering if he knew what he was even doing. Those last 6 games he looked like a pro bowler. Plus watching him play with that broken finger was great.
  11. birdwells1

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    Drew is just a "show me" type of guy and now that Dez has shown it on the field he's giving him his credit.

    Some of you guys have me shaking my head, you act as though if you were ever critical of the team or a player for poor performance you then can't enjoy the fact that they turn it around.

    Some people are more interested in being right than the betterment of the team, if Drew was like that then he would still hold on to his negative opinion about Dez.
  12. BrassCowboy

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    Miles is not #2 and he has progressed more and more every year away from that #2 slot. I thought after that one maybe 2 years, he has been a disappointment and is way overpaid. It is about time we let him go and if someone offers us something for him great but with his current contract, I am not sure.

    Yeah, I agree we keep Dez, Harris, and Beasley, but I would keep Coles to see what we have in him, after that everyone else gone
  13. BrassCowboy

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  14. BAT

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    Miles will be healthy next season and everyone will conveniently forget this thread. Harris needs to leap Ogletree on the depth chart however, that is clear.

    If Cowboys re-sign Ogletree then I will have lost all faith in Garrett's ability to evaluate talent. Ogletree is a good kid but he's a dumb/lazy player. And we all know what Jimmy (and Belichick) said about dumb players.
  15. tyke1doe

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    I don't think Drew ever knocked Dez's ability. It's Dez's head he criticized. It's Dez's inability to run the right routes, something not only Drew said but even Jerry Jones said.

    Drew wasn't wrong. It's just that Dez has matured.
  16. tyke1doe

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    You guys are :laugh2:
  17. tyke1doe

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    Drew was an undrafted free agent was he not? He wasn't considered to be a No. 1 receiver in his first year. He worked hard and became the Cowboys No. 1 receiver.

    Meanwhile, Dez was a No. 1 pick. No. 1 picks don't have as much of a fight to make the roster and to get playing time.

    Furthermore, Dez plays in a more pass-happy era than Drew did.

    And Drew was paper thin as a receiver even in his day. He was hardly the specimen Dez is. And back when Drew played, receivers could be lit up going over the middle - hits that would draw flags, fines and suspensions in the current NFL.
  18. mgcowboy

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    I think Garret mentioning Miles on the last PC regarding the 2nd interception pointing out that he is to blame partially on that one is an indication that he will be gone this off season....

  19. koolaid

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    thats a good point, I honestly didn't know he was undrafted. How many receivers come out of the draft and are dominant players within two years though?

    AJ Green
    Julio Jones
    Calvin Johnson
    are the 3 guys I can think of in the modern era, (and of course randy moss), but all of those guys were picked HIGHER in the draft than Dez (except maybe moss i think he was a twentysomething). Not to mention Dez missed his last year of college ball so we should have expected him to have some growing pains. I just wasn't big on drew basically calling dez a disgrace and a bust after 2 years in the NFL. His comments last summer came off to me as though he had something personal against dez, especially after those rumors dez turned down some sort of business proposal from him.
    in the end it all worked out with Dez though so we should all just high five because the guy is going to be an all-pro for us.
  20. Nexx

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    i love me some harris.... just not as the 2nd outside receiver, he just isnt fast or big enough to play the outside, and you have to be one of those. love him in the slot though. until you can find another legit #2 you have to keep miles around.

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