Do you appreciate Emmitt Smith more?

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by mr.jameswoods, Oct 31, 2005.

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    I'm aware that many of you are die-hard Emmitt Smith fans and you never questioned his contribution to this team. But it's also safe to say that many of us, while appreciating Smith as one of the best RB's of all time, we were hesitant to annoint him as the "best" or even top 3-4 of all time. However, I'm beginning to appreciate Emmitt more as I watch Julius Jones. No, this isn't a subtle attack on Julius Jones. JJ is clearly one of the best RB's in the league today in my opinion.

    However, JJ hasn't developed into a respectable goal line runner nor has he demonstrated the durability associated with the position. I don't really blame Julius Jones for lacking these qualities. His size alone can explain why he isn't a better goal line runner or more durable. Honestly, I'm okay with that. His contribution to this team more than makes up for a lack of those qualities. Instead it just makes me appreciate how truly special Emmitt was. He was nearly the same size as Julius Jones yet he played like a much larger RB and that fact is amazing.

    In the past, we used to explain Smith's success was due to a fantastic O-line. However, our offensive line at the beginning of the season was quite good as well. As I was JJ fall, I remember how Emmitt would run over some guy and somehow get 3 or 4 more yards out of that play that JJ is unable to do. Again, this isn't meant as an attack on JJ; it shows how superhuman Emmitt Smith was.

    In short, Julius Jones makes me appreciate Emmitt for qualities that I may have overlooked in the past. Were any of you in my situation?
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    I'm right there with you buddy. I was spoiled and loved it. Not a knock on JJ. It's just a very, very high standard.

    Excellent post.
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    I appreciate Emmitt but I wish he would have known when to quit.
  4. Cajuncowboy

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    Emmit was the best. I don't care how much some want to argue the point. Simple fact is that durability is one facet of the game. And Emmitt was durable. And he played hurt. The guy was a warrior. He has more rushing yards than anyoneelse. He has three rings. Countless Pro Bowl appearances and on top of that, he is a first ballot HOFer. He was the best.
  5. mr.jameswoods

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    Indeed, durability is a quality that I and others may have overlooked. But now some of us can appreciate that quality more as we observe one of the best RB's in the league in Julius Jones struggle to remain healthy or acquire those tough inside yards. And like I mentioned previously, I don't really blame JJ for not being more durable or a better goal line runner; he more than makes up for it with his agility, speed and quickness. But when I see JJ fail to score in the redzone or get those tough yards near the goaline, it makes you appreciate how special Emmitt was.
  6. Hostile

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    I don't think I could possibly appreciate him more than I already do. Not just his durability and performance, but the fact he never brought negative crap to the team.
  7. Ashwynn

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    I appreciated him when he was here. I remember the giants game and many others that showed toughness when it happened. He was the ultimate warrior and when the game was on the line, there was no question who was gunna get the ball. They knew he was coming and from behind Allen and Co. They still could not do anything about it, and it was not always Allen and Co. making the difference. Smith made more then several 3rd and 2 into a 3-4 or more yard game after the first hit.

    JJ is exciting when hes free to run. I dont think we saw a free Jones this year yet. Barber reminded me of Jones last year when he saw the hole he quit following and hit it and was gone. Jones does not do this this year so far. he follows his blockers into a pile up and gets tackled. I hope Jones gets back to real running and Parcells does not coach the instincts out of Barber. He has turned Jones into an ordinary back IMO.
  8. poke

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    i could not possibly appreciate Emmitt any more than I already do.
    i dont care what anyone else thinks of his accomplishments or his standing
    in the "great running backs" list. i loved what he gave the Cowboys and
    ( this is not a knock on any of our young backs ) we can only hope someone
    comes along who can provide what Emmitt did for his teams. He has raised
    the bar....which was already pretty high with Dorsett, and the great running backs before that.
  9. Billy Bullocks

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    I never had the pleasure of watching Dorsett, and didn't see Walker, so I can't say much about them, but from what has been seen and what has been said, those 2 are alreday a high standard. Emmitt, IMO, is the best overall back ever. Durability, running ability, pass blocking, receiving, all in one package.

    It's a high standard.
  10. burmafrd

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    The mess that BP is trying to make of JJ- and has had some success at neutering- one hopes that he has learned his lesson and will leave Barber alone. (yeah, sure).
  11. burmafrd

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    By the way- the O line was not run blocking well untill the last 3 games. And that has been admitted by everyone even BP.
  12. Chuck 54

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    Appreciate him more? no
    Would I pick him as my all-time RB? No, definitely not. If I were starting a team and wanted the best back I could find, putting his longevity aside, he is no where near the top, game changing back that I would select for my team.

    Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Marshall Faulk, O.J. Simpson, Gayle Sayers, Earl Campbell....there are others as well. I love Emmitt, and I'm proud that he's the all-time NFL rusher, but if I could pick any 1 RB to start a new team with, it would not be Emmitt...he would not be as effective as any of these guys without a dominant OL. He wouldn't take over games or win games the way these guys could, imo.

    Emmitt was not the fastest, the most powerful, the best receiver, the best open field runner, or the most talented...he was a talented back who lasted a long time and played behind a very talented OL....there's nothing wrong with that. But you put any of the backs listed above on that Dallas team, and while they may still have fallen short of his career numbers, they would have been incredible to watch.
  13. rynochop

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    Not to get re-spark this pissing contest, but, how many of those "dominant" O lineman are in the HOF?

    I'd take Emmitt just about everyone on that list with the exception of Sayers, and maybe Payton. Esp. over Sanders. You never had to take Emmitt out of the game when the ball got inside the 5.....and Emmitt never had negative rushing yardage in a playoff game.
  14. Mike 1967

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    Yep..I can truly say that I appreciate Emmit's durability more now than before.

    It is human nature to take things for granted.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    No. I appriciated Emmitt while he was here. I appriciate him still. I do not consider him the best of all time and he is not my all time favorite but I do believe he was top 3.
  16. odog422

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    everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i think emmitt was more than just a "talented" back in the context you seem to present, which as i read it is "better than average," not extraordinary. which IMO , he was.

    the guy rewrote all the records from college on into the pros. and he hailed from the state that arguably produces the best skill position athletes in the nation and dominated against his peers. he only continued his extraordinary production on the pro level - most rushing tds, most yards, 100 yard games, and still he doesnt get the credit he deserves. and i beg to differ about his ability to take over games.

    he could set the tone with a 60 yard jaunt like he did against the giants to begin a game, or grind a team into the ground. and there is no better evidence of this than the second half of the super bowl against buffalo - the offense and team desperate for a statement - where the boys ran emmitt all the way down the field to the momemtum-changing td that turned that game around. classic emmitt.

    i think the beauty in emmitt was in the nuance -- he was subtlely shifty, hence the lack of big hits and longevity, and deceptively powerful. and because he didnt run over people like brown or campbell every play, break peoples ankles with moves that make you go "oooh" or look as graceful as dickerson or sayers, he doesnt receive the props for being as extraordinary as he was. therefore, no bigtime ESPN highlights, week after week. only steady consistent production. again, its in the nuance -- you dont just stay healthy and produce year after year after year when teams gameplan just for you and come in seeking to do nothing but shut you down.

    IMO. all i know is the guy made people miss in small spaces, ran over others when neccesary, produced in the biggest of moments and had a nose for the goaline unlike any other.

    taking nothing from his o-line, but at its peak, that line wasnt the greatest line of all time and he certainly didnt have it his entire career.

    the man was bad.
  17. Bob Sacamano

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    I'm getting the warm and fuzzies reading the replies in this thread :)
  18. percyhoward

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    Or ever will be, for that matter. Emmitt had already won 3 rushing titles before the only true HOF lineman (Allen) joined the team. Newton himself has said he was just an average player until Emmitt showed up. Nate didnĀ“t make a Pro Bowl until his 7th year. Just two Sundays ago, on Fox, Jimmy Johnson said it was Emmitt, not the line, who deserved the credit.

    So I guess you can argue with Newton, Johnson, and logic itself if you want to, but at the very least Emmitt Smith was the single best player in that running attack, at least until Allen showed up in 1994. And maybe even beyond that.
  19. TheHustler

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    Hopefully, JJ can come back healthy, and with these injuries behind him.
  20. Mike 1967

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    yeah yeah yeah

    But who was better...Emmitt or Barry ? :p:

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