Do you guys root for the Cowboys exclusively

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TTexasTT, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. StylisticS

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    Cowboys only.
  2. Vintage

    Vintage The Cult of Jib

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    I only truly follow the cowboys...

    But if I want to see a professional football team from texas play, I watch the Texans.
  3. Turf Toe

    Turf Toe Active Member

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    Cowboys all day! Only way I root for any other team is if it helps Dallas in the standings. And how can anyone be a cowboys fan and root for Pittsburgh? Unbelievable.
  4. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

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    That figures.
  5. Lazyking

    Lazyking Active Member

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    The NFL is one sport I can't really do second teams even if I wanted to..its the way the league is built, where you don't have a set scheduale and such a long season where your team losing another team you like wouldn't be a big deal..

    Not like I have second teams, I don't except in the NHL cause my local team moved lol but point is, its too hard in the NFL..

    As a kid through, if Cowboys weren't playing, I'd want Bengals and Jets to do well..cause my favorite colors are orange and green lol.

    Now as an adult, I just watch games as an NFL fan, hoping for a good game and live and die with the star.
  6. Dday22t

    Dday22t Active Member

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    Live in San Diego now so I'll watch Charger games if they don't conflict with Cowboy games. Which is actually pretty freaking annoying since they play like the AFC version of the Cowboys the last 5 years.

    But I don't really get emotionally upset if SD loses, but a Cowboys loss ruins my week (well now it's more like a day or two since it happens so often,,,,,)
  7. TTexasTT

    TTexasTT Well-Known Member

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    Im not bitter about the Steelers beating is in SB 10 and 13 because I wasnt around then.
    When we play the Steelers I hope we crush them. When the Cowboys were not in the playoffs I pulled for them. Primarily due to Hines Ward and his charity work and I could relate to a lot of the causes he supported.

    Not that I should even bother addressing your insults (considering the source.)

    Thats cool. I kept up with the Chargers when I was stationed at Miramar while in the Marines. Junior Seau was a legend there and I always wanted to eat at his restuarant.
  8. Prossman

    Prossman Active Member

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    Cowboys and only the cowboys since 1975. :}
  9. Bleu Star

    Bleu Star Bye Felicia!

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    People that have a "primary" and "secondary" team irk me. That's the epitome of lame in my book. Cowboys since 79 and will go to the grave rooting for the Boys.
  10. Mansta54

    Mansta54 Well-Known Member

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    Very well said!!!!!!!
  11. pupulehaole

    pupulehaole Well-Known Member

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    Um I think lesser of ppl that root for more than one team. Maybe just me though lol.
  12. Falcon554

    Falcon554 Benched

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    yes dont watch any other sport
  13. birdwells1

    birdwells1 Well-Known Member

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    So now you have three teams? Oh brother.
  14. birdwells1

    birdwells1 Well-Known Member

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    Yeah me to, if you're a Jags fan then be one.
  15. Numbers921

    Numbers921 Benched

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    I don't think you can call yourself a fan if you root for multiple teams.
  16. rlgiv

    rlgiv New Member

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    Just Cowboys, If they dont make the playoffs i usually quit watching and move on to another sport. I also love the Stars, and Rangers. Sucks that the NHL is in lock out right now.

    IAMKING Benched

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    Cowboys only. I root for teams to lose that benefit the Cowboys and hope for excellent games if neither situation applies.
  18. Questfor6

    Questfor6 Well-Known Member

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    Cowboys only but I do root for everyone on my fantasy teams, which is good b/c I never draft Eagles or Giants. However this yr I've found myself rooting for the Broncos a lot, so if we can't win it I hope they do.
  19. SDCowboy85

    SDCowboy85 Well-Known Member

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    Cowboys are my team but I also kind of root for the Broncos as my entire family are Broncos fans.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Sybil ?

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