Do you guys root for the Cowboys exclusively

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TTexasTT, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. pancakeman

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  2. Fletch

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    There's only one team I care about and cheer my guts out for, and that's the Dallas Cowboys!!
  3. CopenhagenCowboy

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    Ward? You didn't like dirty players, no?

    Cowboys only for me.
  4. TTexasTT

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    lol do you even know that you can quote multiple posts at once?

    Genius, did you read the part when I was stationed in San Diego? Yes I kept up with the local team.
    He liked him because of the carity work he provided was second to none. I wish he played for Dallas.
  5. Hoov

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    TTexasTT, i was wondering about this myself the other day and im glad you started this thread. I'm actually suprised that so many said they really only root for cowboys.

    I love football more than any other sport, love to play it and watch it. I watch college and pro.

    The cowboys have always been my favorite team.

    But I watch the sunday early games, afternoon games, evening game and the prime time games. I watch college football on Friday night and all day saturday and saturday night.

    If the cowboys dont make the playoffs of course i pick a team to root for, im not going to miss the best teams fight for the championship. That team changes from year to year - It may be because i really like a certain player or coach and since the cowboys are out i want them to win. It may be because i really like the way a particular team plays as far as team chemistry. Last year that team was the 49ers - i like their defense and love the way their offense plays smash mouth football. If the cowboys dont make the playoffs i will root fot the 49ers in the NFC and Denver in the AFC because it would be nice to see a comeback story for manning.
  6. Hoov

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    I dont have a second team per say, but i do like to watch other teams play. And while watching games i do decide to root for one team to beat another most of the time.

    For example, this past week the 49ers and bears played and i rooted for the 49ers and loved watching them whip the bears.

    I admire the way the 49ers are playing right now. That doesnt take anything away from my cowboys fandom, but im going to watch the 49ers games when i can because its just great football.
  7. davidyee

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    ...but will watch the odd game of another team and my fall back position is to root for close competitive games.

    I typically don't choose a team so it is quite random based ont eh game I am watching.
  8. AtomicDog

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    I am cowboy centric. If the cowboys aren't playing I try to figure out which team winning helps the cowboys more and then I might "root" for them.

    But if I wasnt a cowboys fan I might have rooted for the oilers, maybe even the rams. But don't really feel them anyway.

    In the playoffs, i'll root for a team that isn't close to cowboys in number of superbowl appearances or wins.

    pretty simple.
  9. Hoov

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    I think i may be misunderstanding.

    To the posters who say they only root for the cowboys - are you all saying you primarily watch the cowboys and not the other games ?

    Or are you saying you enjoy watching the other teams in the NFL but you dont have a "second favorite team" that you root for all year long ?
  10. Star4Ever

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    Yes. Screw the other 31.
  11. Star4Ever

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    I'll watch any NFL game and I'll pull against other teams that I dislike. I'll also pull for a specific team if winning helps out the Boys.
  12. CowboysFaninBaltimore

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    Mostly the Dallas Cowboys, but however I've grown to like the Packers a lot in the past couple of years. I am praying for the Packers to crush the Big Blow NJ Swamprats tonight badly. I can't understand for the life of me how Eli Manning is Elite, and how Tony Romo is a joke according to their idiot fanbase..........Oh and anyone who destroys the Eagles and Redskins as well.
  13. crashintonickdm

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    there are teams i dont mind, but the only stuff i wear are dallas cowboys stuff.

    2 romo jerseys
    2 aikman jerseys
    tons of shirts
    a hoodie
    a jacket
    jogging pants
    jogging shorts
    old posters from childhood still hang

    i love this team, and only this team.
  14. dragon_mikal

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    I root for the Cowboys and I root for any team playing our division rivals.

    They Steelers, though? Really?
  15. rbr651

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    Only the Cowboys, however I do watch other games but do not pull for any other team, on occasion I do hope for a certain outcome but do not cheer for a specific team. I blame the current NFL fanbase roooting for more than one team on fantasy football. I also blame fantasy football for the casual fan and an overall change in the attitude of the average fan. There are a lot of fans that would not exist if it weren't for FF, and these are not the die hard fans, they talk about the game on Monday morning but have no passion for a team only about winning their fantasy matchup. When I was growing up it was unheard of to cheer for a player on another team, I've watched games at the bar more than once where someone has a jersey on for their team but is also cheering for a player on the other team because they started them in FF.

    Our fan base, specifically the ones who can afford season tickets make me sick to my stomach the way they cheer at the games. If JJ truly wants a homefield advantage he needs to make more tickets affordable to the average Joe. I used to buy a two game ticket package when they still played at Texas stadium but can no longer afford to go to games...good job JJ.
  16. Plankton

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    Anyone who has a second team that they root for in a professional sports league that is in direct competition with their "favorite" team is a fraud fan.

    Just saying.
  17. phillycard

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    How bout the "I have an AFC team and an NFC team" people. Thy're the worst.
  18. MartinRamone

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    Not "root" for other team, but i feel so sorry for Browns and Bills fans that i wouldnt mind them winning sometime (not against the Cowboys).
  19. Lodeus

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    I kind of root for the Chiefs but wouldn't say I am fan of them at all really.
  20. lwehlers

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    cowboys first then i watch everyone else. i like the chiefs, and packers.

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