Do you say anything when you see Cowboy fans?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ehcrossing, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. ehcrossing

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    I just went to the store and saw 3 hard looking dudes that looked like they just got out the joint. One of them had had a Cowboy T shirt on and I said, "nice shirt bro". I was greeted with hugs and handshakes and the one guy even bought my 16 oz beer. Thought it was very cool.
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  2. cowboyschmps3

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    Usually say, "Go Cowboys" or like you said,"nice shirt"
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  3. MackNorth

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    Lol funny you should mention this. I live in Toronto, which is the land of many NFL fans since we don't have our own team(Contrary to what you may hear, we have only SOME Buffalo fans, not as many as they tried for).

    Anyways, I have a few Cowboys decals on my car, and I get really excited when I see somebody else with one(some) as well. I think about honking at him, but I always think he's gonna mistake me for a road-rager, so I resist. I did join a new beer-league baseball team a couple years ago, and I actually met about 7 new Cowboys fans on that one team, compared to the maybe two I had met in my previous 31 years of living. If they are playing well, I'll let it be known. If they are losing, I'll let it be known in a lesser kinda way.
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  4. dexternjack

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    It all depends on where I am at. When in Cali, usually do a small comment or something but when in Houston, rarely I will say anything unless it is someone in the neighborhood. Lots of Cowboy fans down here so it is not even remotely rare to bump into one.

    Also, I usually wear my Dallas cap with just the star on it. If I run into someone wearing some sort of gear and they don't acknowledge me in any way, I usually continue on.

    More often than not, I regret talking to most Dallas fans afterwards anyways, they have no clue about the team past Romo.
  5. Jeffkills

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    Oh hell yeah!! I always say, "GO COWBOYS!"

    Then it's high-five's all-around...

    I live in Boise, so it's always like you're automatically bros anytime you see a fellow fan...

    I also convert as many non-fans to permanent Cowboy fans by promising them good luck - everyone should do it!
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  6. RastaRocket

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    When I lived out of state, usually I would say something. In Dallas I don't say anything.
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  7. HappyOnions

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    "You must be a glutton for punishment, too."
  8. ehcrossing

    ehcrossing Waiting for six

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    Lol... for real!
  9. mugsybows

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    I went to a sushi restaurant for a friends bday in Oakland and the guy who owns the place came to wish us a good night and as he was leaving he said Go Cowboys! I was shocked and said did you just say go cowboys? And he said yup I live in Oakland but I'm all about the cowboys. I got up gave him a hand shake and bro hug and said go cowboys. It was like we were old friends. It was awesome!
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  10. Bullflop

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    Be glad they didn't make you fork over your wallet. -- LOL
  11. ehcrossing

    ehcrossing Waiting for six

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    lol. They could have if that was their goal.
  12. OhSnap

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    you could have also went with Tall Boy.
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  13. Neverhood

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    I just say go cowboys. But one time my wife and I were at an ice cream shop and the owner was at the register, my wife had on a cowboy shirt and he said to her if she can name 3 current cowboys our ice cream would be free. She did, unfortunately named like the most obvious 3 players even though she knew the entire roster but it still worked out.
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  14. AsthmaField

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    I am in upper management of a grocery store chain and when I see a customer with a Cowboys shirt on, I usually tell the cashier to give them a discount.
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  15. HoustonFrog

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    I take the train in from the suburb we live in outside of Chicago. Everyday I saw a man on my car with the old Blue Cowboys hate with the block "D" on it. I have the same one. Finally one day I asked him about it and for a year we spent every day talking Cowboys. People found I funny being in Bears country. Honestly though, the fans here are pretty tolerant of Cowboy fans...we aren't the Packers.
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  16. DandyDon1722

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    I used to love it but not anymore -- now I pick my spots because of one incident a few years ago. A really nice guy with his family in tow approached me in the Orlando airport and was so fired up to see a Cowboys fan. But then he said how bad Romo was and went on and on about how many Super Bowls we could've won with another QB - that QB?

    Quincy Carter.

    I just couldn't take any more casual fans no matter how nice.
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  17. thunderpimp91

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    I don't say much to people often just for that reason. The casual fan typicaly does not make for good conversation. Once the season starts i'm more likely to talk football with randoms just because I can't get enough of it. This time of year though its easier to listen to 20 year old girls try to talk politics and give stupid cat stories than listen to another "we need to trade Romo for a 1st!" rant.
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  18. pancakeman

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    you could have also gone with "could have also gone" :p
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    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    8 out 10 times its a positive result here in new York.

    I will offer up:

    "nice hat/shirt" or

    "Go cowboys" or

    I make a fist and bump fists.
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  20. Doomsay

    Doomsay Well-Known Member

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    Always - especially in the enemy territories that I have lived in - NY, PHL, DC. It takes guts to fly the colors in these places (less so in NY).
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