Do you think that Ware could go down as the best defensive player in Cowboys history?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Seriously you think the most dominate defensive player in our history was a guy who was afraid to tackle? The guy started the cancer that was players going over the coaches head to Jerry and we still bear the hangover from his past deeds. Mike Woicik being told by Jerry that Deion didn't have to work out like the rest of the team because he was special...Deion didn't even think he needed to be part of the defensive huddle and wouldn't join his teamates...Kevin Smith seeing this and copying it...Really our two corner-backs don't need to be in the huddle and hear the defensive calls.

    Yeah Deion, he's the man with the 35 million dollar smile. Some may have blinded by his spotlight, many here, mostly us old timers, were not.
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    Jarv makes excellent points..... but still. We had Deion at the TOP of his career. Deion may be the best cornerback of all time.. and one of the few two-sport athletes.
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    Deion and LT are the only two consensus best at their position players on D in the history of the NFL. (Ronnie Lott? idk) If he had played his whole career here it wouldn't even be a question who the greatest Cowboy defender of all time was.

    It would be like having Jerry Rice here his whole career and arguing that Bob Hayes was better from your nursing home wheelchair.
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    Be careful about the best CB of all time stuff. There were a lot of really good CBs that played before Deion showed up.
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    Any player who played most of his career somewhere else does not belong on a Cowboys list. If you want Deion Sanders on there, remember Herb Adderly was a great CB also. The nice thing about a thread like this is that we all get to use our own criteria. I personally would never include any player who did not spend the majority of his career with the Cowboys.
    Lily was the best ever. Randy White was great, but I temper my praise for him by noting that for a large part of his career he played next to Harvey Martin. (On a side note I'm sure it still galls the Bronco olinemen that were supposed to block them during the superbowl, that White and Martin were Co-MVPs.)
    As big a Ware fan as I am, he is going to have to play the read option better to be considered as the greatest Cowboy defender ever. Harvey Martin, who called himself, "the Beautiful Harvey Martin" earned his "Too Mean" nickname. The QB would have been afraid to run that play at him.
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    Why did you post a potato
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    You didn't follow that logic?
  9. FiveRings

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    I really don't
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    Bob Lilly was getting long in the tooth by the time I started following the Cowboys in 1972. Watched all his highlights he was a great player one of the greatest ever but wasn't nasty enough. He would help players up after tackling them and rarely did you see a bone jarring tackle from Lilly. It's almost like he just laid RB's and QB's down. Randy White was my favorite Cowboys defensive player he would take the oppositions head off. He looked like a caged animal waiting to pounce on it's prey as the offense was lining up. He would drive ball carriers and QB's into the turf. He wasn't called Manster for nothing.
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    I'm gonna guess that it was basically the only appropriate response to winky moving the goalposts that he set up initially to a new planet. Here's a potato.
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    Is the potato a sign of "throwing the towel in" that I'm not familiar with?
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    Don't forget 3-time INT leader Everson Walls.
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    I think this thread speaks alot about how crazy some fans are... Yes are is good. But anyone who would take him over Deion Sanders is a complete fruit cake. Its not even close..
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    While I get Deion, Kevin Smith was ridiculous and if not for the Achilles injury, followed by back issues, we probably would have had the most dominant CB tandem ever.

    As far as the argument of newer versus older, that somehow today's athletes are superior overall, that is nothing but anectodal. PEDs may help recovery time, but they also don't help joints, which can cause plenty of injuries overall, cause the muscle growth isn't sustained by the joints. Further, if one wants to talk sacks, they ran a lot more during the eras of Lilly and weren't running five WR sets. Comparing Ware's numbers on sacks is just absurd.
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    Maybe it was his way of saying 'I can count to potato,' which is something I'll say every now and then when I don't know what else to say and I don't want things to be awkward.
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    So the poster, dumbfounded by Winicki's overboard display of statistics, saw the situation as awkward, and presented the board with a potato?

    Is this common in your culture?
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    ...I can count to potato!

    I'm not sure why he posted a picture of a potato. I'm just trying to help out. I'd assume he thought that potato was as eloquent as MW's post and was responding in kind, but I don't know.
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    You finish my sentences.

    You complete me.
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    So that's why you posted a potato? Thank you for cracking this case for me, superpunk

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