Do you think Witten makes the HoF?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Joshmil53, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Chocolate Lab

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    Just saw this.

    I never in any way "bashed" Witten. I hope he makes it. But as we've seen, Cowboys have to be extra exceptional to make the HOF, and many voters look for any reason t keep them out.

    I don't do lame internet macho wagers. You should stick to novels about Garrett's wondrous qualities that only you see.
  2. dexternjack

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    Witten gets in first ballot and he is not finished putting up stats too.
  3. Prossman

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    Without a doubt he is a sure fire 1st ballot hall of famer. The guy has the stats, is the consumate pro and carries massive respect around the league. he should be in the ring of honor also.
  4. Chuck 54

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    Maybe...TEs don't populate the HOF.

    Gonzalez is a no brainer. Witten should get in, but he won't be on first ballot, and like all positions in the NFL, without a title, by the time his five years are up, how many TEs will have similar or better numbers + titles (guys like Gronk and the kid in NO).

    It's unfair, but that's the history of the NFL.
  5. spolcyc

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    He deserves to be a first ballot. He's one hell of a player. Doesn't dazzle you with anything (except his hands) isn't amazingly athletic or fast, just a smart player who knows how to get open and takes care of business when the ball is thrown his way. Not many like him in the NFL.
  6. KB1122

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    Here's the thing about this: He is very justifiable, but how many Cowboys will make it from a team that hasn't competed for a championship? The 80s teams had more success, but no one from those teams (without being left over from the seventies) is in the Hall of Fame.

    So the question is, would they really put in both Ware and Witten? Or does only one get in? I would think Ware would have the advantage.
  7. joseephuss

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    I don't think Gronk or Graham will have better numbers than Witten by the time Witten is eligible for the HoF. Witten has played 7 more years than either of those guys. That is a lot of years to make up. If Witten retired at the end of this season, I don't think either guy would surpass Witten's career totals over the next 5 years. As bad as the Saints defense is I don't see them winning a Superbowl any time soon, so I won't assume that Graham is going to have any titles.
  8. Hostile

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    Yeah, except I'm not alone in seeing them. His team, coaches, and other teams see them.
  9. Idgit

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    You're not alone on CZ, either. I'm a big Garrett fan still, and I'm puzzled as to why he's the scapegoat for last week, too.
  10. pacy

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    Without a doubt...:D
  11. tyke1doe

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    If the Falcons win the Super Bowl, I say it's definitely his last year. But if they fall short, I think he'll want to play a few more years, assuming that the Falcons may be a year or two away from the Big Dance.

    Gonzales is hanging on because he's never won a playoff game (I don't know if he's even played in one) and wants to desperately play in a Super Bowl.
  12. phildominator

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    Witten won't make the HOF. TE is a position that doesn't get a lot of HOF love. Unfortunately, Witten is a throwback TE, not the "air-it-out next gen" type that the NFL loves these days.

    Hell, Witten didn't even play basketball. :laugh2:

    More importantly, Witten should be in the Ring of Honor.
  13. aikemirv

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    Yes, he will!
  14. DFWJC

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    He's a lock

    So is Gonzalas.
  15. joseephuss

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    Even some of the "air-it-out next gen" types don't put up the numbers that Witten does. Take Jermichael Finley for example. He is never asked to block and his best two seasons he produced 55 receptions in each. He only has 28 receptions so far this season. Witten easily out produces him.

    Gronkowski and Graham are off to great starts to their careers, but is way too early to start extrapolating out how well they will produce the next 10 years. The same goes with trying to figure out if Witten will ever catch Tony Gonzales. Witten has to make up 6 seasons on Gonzales if Tony ever does retire. Gronk and Graham have to make up 7 years on Witten.
  16. JohnsKey19

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    I agree. Let's see the Grahams and Gronks reach 7000 yds before we worry about them approaching the likes of Witten/Gonzalez. By the time Gonzalez, Witten and Gates are done, the bar will be set so high, it's going to be difficult for any TE to catch them. Gronk would be one guy to watch but losing Tom Brady in a few years may hurt his production.
  17. Meat-O-Rama

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    I have no doubt about it.

    Gate is nice and is productive when he is in the game, but he has missed so much time.

    Witten has missed exactly one game in his pro career. Consistency and longevity are the keywords here.
  18. phildominator

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    Only TE with a HOF chance is Tony Gonzalez.

    Gronkowski/Graham/Vernon Davis are way too early, but if they end up posting similar numbers to Witten, they'll get the nod over Witten because of the hype.
  19. joseephuss

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    Gronk and Graham won't get the nod over Witten. He will be eligible for the HoF probably before those guys retire. He has been in the league 7 years longer than those guys. It won't be a choice between either Witten and Gronk/Graham. It will probably be a choice between Witten and Gates as they are contemporaries.

    I don't think Vernon Davis has a chance. It is not too early to speculate about his chance at the HoF. He is already 7 years into his career and is only 2 years younger than Witten. His production is far off the pace of Witten and is not likely to improve dramatically with the 49ers.
  20. jayhouston12

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    Yes, no question. first ballot as well

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