Do you think Witten makes the HoF?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Joshmil53, Oct 29, 2012.

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    That's what makes guys like Witten and Gonzalez special and HOF worthy. Throw Gates in there as well. They have been consistently productive for a long time.

    Let's see where Gronk and Graham are in 5 years before we seriously give them any consideration. If they manage to make it to 7000-7500 yds and are still producing at a high level, then we'll see. Vernon Davis has no shot at this point. He'll be lucky to make it to 7000 before he retires.

    When all is said and done Gonzalez will be somewhere around 15,000 yds and Witten maybe at 11,000, easily #1 and #2 on the all-time list.
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    It's shoo-in.

    And before you think I'm picking on you, I wrote it like you for YEARS before someone finally corrected me on it. LOL
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    I don't know if it has been reported already, but with his 18 catches on Sunday, Witten became the first player in NFL history to have three games with at least 14 catches.
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    Simple answer: Yes

    Explained answer: Watch his career and ask yourself why this is even a question.
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    As I've already stated, Witten should be a HOFer. But why is it a question? Because TEs are anything but automatic when it comes to making it into the Hall. When Shannon Sharpe retired, he held every major record for TEs, most by a wide margin. Not only that, Sharpe also had 3 Super Bowl rings. You can't have a better resume and he still did not make it in on the first ballot.

    And then of course there's a case that could be made for a bias against Cowboys getting voted in.

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