Do you want Brent back?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dcstands4, Jan 24, 2014.

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    Do you see Crawford at DE or DT?

    I see Spencer coming back on a one year incentive deal, I like the idea of Spencer/Crawford at DE and Ware/Selvie at the other DE.
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    I think the word was they were going to try him at both the 3 and the 5 last season, right? I can see him in either spot, but I think him at DE with us drafting the lighter 3-tech of our choice in the first round is the most likely option. Then, as you say, we can move them around if we have a decent DE rotation.

    I'm waiting on Spencer, too. He's not getting his long-term deal, and as excited as Marinelli seemed to be about him last year, I'd think we'd be happy to have him for a bonus season at the right price if he's able to get back from the micro fracture surgery. If he comes back at all, he'll be affordable for a one year deal, and Jordon Woy is reasonable and has a good relationship with us. I just don't know if he'll be any good or not coming off that injury and that time off.
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    That does seem to make the most sense - Spencer, Ware and Selvie as the top 3 DE's with Crawford the 4th.

    Then two new DTs (FA and Draft, assuming Hatcher is gone) with depth from Hayden, Bass, Crawford and maybe Brent or Kearse.

    Still question marks there but its light years better than last year.
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    No time to move on. I expect even if he is allowed back in the NFL and if a team wants him, he is probably going to be suspended for at least a year. So he will have been out of any form of football for over two years. Even if he was working out like a maniac those two years, it is tough to get back to being in the NFL. Brent was a developing rotation player. A guy who needs to fight for his spot every year. Maybe he would have become a solid player but with everything that has happened, I think it is best to move on. Maybe in a few years he can play football for 2-3 more years and be a productive player but I think it is best for both parties if it wasn't in Dallas.

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