Doctors remove spider hiding in womans ear

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    Doctors remove spider hiding in woman’s ear canal
    By Eric Pfeiffer, Yahoo! News | The Sideshow – 15 hrs ago

    Photos of the spider before it was removed from the woman's ear (Imgur)
    A woman who went to China's Changsha Central Hospital complaining of itching in the left side of her head was told by doctors that the source of irritation was a spider that had been living inside her ear canal for five days.
    Doctors reportedly used a saline solution to flush out the spider in order to avoid having the spider burrow deeper inside the canal or bite her.
    The flushing technique was successful and the woman reportedly wept with gratitude after being told the spider was removed. Doctors say they believe the spider entered the woman's home while the home was undergoing renovations, and crawled into her ear while she was sleeping.

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    Yet another reason I'm glad I sleep with earplugs
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    Doc: Ok Miss Muffet what seems to be the problem? :laugh2:
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    Heebie geebies.
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    I see it as the glass is half full. At least the spider kept out other insects.
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    You can say that like 10x again.

    I will punch a spider in the face every time I see one.

    I can handle snakes and scorps and anything else that crawls. I can even handle centipedes/millipedes, but I HATES me some spiders.

    It all started w/ you John Goodman. That was NOT a nice movie.

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    I feel the exact same way! I turn into a 9 yr old girl when I see one.

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