Does anyone have Mel Kiper Big Board?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by stokee, Dec 23, 2005.

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    Please post it
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    anyone have his top 5 seniors by position?
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    Dec. 28, 2005 | Make sure to keep a close eye on the top five positional boards for both the juniors and seniors, because I update these ratings every week. At this time of year, these lists are reflective of what I see on film when studying players that particular week. Expect more changes on the senior board after the bowl season concludes. One newcomer this week is Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, who had a good performance in the Tigers' bowl game against Clemson.

    1. Matt Leinart, USC
    2. Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt
    3. Brodie Croyle, Alabama
    4. Bruce Eugene, Grambling
    5. Charlie Whitehurst, Clemson
    5a. Barrick Nealy, Texas State
    5b. Darrell Hackney, UAB
    5c. Brett Basanez, Northwestern

    Running Backs
    1. DeAngelo Williams, Memphis
    2. Joseph Addai, LSU
    3. Jerome Harrison, Washington State
    4. Leon Washington, Florida State
    5. Andre Hall, South Florida
    5a. P.J. Daniels, Georgia Tech

    1. Lawrence Vickers, Colorado
    2. J.D. Runnels, Oklahoma
    3. Matt Bernstein, Wisconsin
    4. Chris Manderino, California
    5. David Kirtman, USC

    Wide Receivers
    1. Derek Hagan, Arizona State
    2. Sinorice Moss, Miami
    3. Hank Baskett, New Mexico
    4. Maurice Stovall, Notre Dame
    5. Brandon Williams, Wisconsin
    5a. Jeff Webb, San Diego State

    Tight Ends
    1. Marcedes Lewis, UCLA
    2. Dominique Byrd, USC
    3. Owen Daniels, Wisconsin
    4. Joe Klopfenstein, Colorado
    5. David Thomas, Texas

    1. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Virginia
    2. Ryan O'Callaghan, California
    3. Jeremy Trueblood, Boston College
    4. Marcus McNeill, Auburn
    5. Andrew Whitworth, LSU
    5a. Dennis Roland, Georgia

    1. Jason Spitz, Louisville
    2. Max Jean-Gilles, Georgia
    3. Taitusi Lutui, USC
    4. Kevin Boothe, Cornell
    5. Rob Sims, Ohio State
    5a. Davin Joseph, Oklahoma
    5b. E.J. Whitley, Texas Tech

    1. Nick Mangold, Ohio State
    2. Greg Eslinger, Minnesota
    3. Ryan Cook, New Mexico
    4. Mike Degory, Florida
    5. Grayling Love, Arizona State

    1. Stephen Gostkowski, Memphis
    2. Josh Huston, Ohio State
    3. Connor Hughes, Virginia
    4. Deric Yaussi, Wyoming
    5. Kurt Smith, Virginia

    Defensive Ends
    1. Tamba Hali, Penn State
    2. Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College
    3. Elvis Dumervil, Louisville
    4. Kamerion Wimbley, Florida State
    5. Manny Lawson, NC State
    5a. Jason Hatcher, Grambling
    5b. Charlton Keith, Kansas
    5c. Eric Henderson, Georgia Tech

    Defensive Tackles
    1. Orien Harris, Miami
    2. Claude Wroten, LSU
    3. Brodrick Bunkley, Florida State
    4. Kyle Williams, LSU
    5. Titus Adams, Nebraska
    5a. Babatunde Oshinowo, Stanford
    5b. McKinley Boykin, Ole Miss

    Inside Linebackers
    1. D'Qwell Jackson, Maryland
    2. Abdul Hodge, Iowa
    3. Gerris Wilkinson, Georgia Tech
    4. Oliver Hoyte, NC State
    5. Leon Williams, Miami
    5a. Anthony Schlegel, Ohio State

    Outside Linebackers
    1. A.J. Hawk, Ohio State
    2. DeMeco Ryans, Alabama
    3. Chad Greenway, Iowa
    4. Thomas Howard, UTEP
    5. Cameron Vaughn, LSU
    5a. Rocky McIntosh, Miami
    5b. A.J. Nicholson, Florida State
    5c. Keith Ellison, Oregon State

    1. Jimmy Williams, Virginia Tech
    2. Kelly Jennings, Miami
    3. DeMario Minter, Georgia
    4. Anwar Phillips, Penn State
    5. Jason Allen, Tennessee
    5a. Tye Hill, Clemson
    5b. Marcus Maxey, Miami
    5c. Alan Zemaitis, Penn State
    5d. Marcus Hudson, NC State

    1. Michael Huff, Texas
    2. Anthony Smith, Syracuse
    3. Dwayne Slay, Texas Tech
    4. Daniel Bullocks, Nebraska
    5. Chris Harrell, Penn State
    5a. Greg Blue, Georgia

    1. John Torp, Colorado
    2. Steve Weatherford, Illinois
    3. Tom Malone, USC
    4. Jeff Williams, Adams State (Colo.)
    5. Sam Paulescu, Oregon State
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    Look out for Mel's 5a pick for QB, Barrick Nealy. I am an alum of Texas State, and went to 5 or 6 games this season. He is gonna be good in the league. He has a cannon for an arm and has the same type of movement in the pocket and scrambling as a McNabb or Vince Young. All he needs is a good QB coach to tweak his accuracy and he could be great. He should go 3rd-4th round and we would be smart to pick him up. He could use 2 years behind Drew to develop...then take over.

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    Thanks for the info Tobal
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    Hackney and Gostkowski would be good additions

    Hackney is a Leftwich clone
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    How does Virginia get two good kickers and we cannot seem to fine ONE?
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    I agree. I watched this kid almost single-handedly beat Texas A&M this year. I couldn't believe how big he is and how fast he moves. Imagine McNabb with Michael Vick's speed. Incredible talent waiting to explode. I know we have three on the roster, but this is one that could definitely be a difference maker.
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    Sad but true.
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    Because the FG kicker can't kickoff long enough, and the kickoff guy isn't accurate on his FG attempts.

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