does anyone have that NFL game rewind

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dart, Aug 27, 2013.

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    how is it - since I am out of market

    and won't pay Direct TV

    2013 Regular Season Games - On-Demand (Not Live) for $29.99

    can you rewind these ?

    can't seem to find a realiable online stream

    so sports bar here I come
  2. Eric_Boyer

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    you can rewind, but the interface is not real good in that regard. don't expect real good control of the rewind, fastforward, slow motion, etc.

    also, you can't use the service when any nfl game is going on. so from noon to 11pm central on sunday, it is a no go. same with monday night, and thursday nights when games are played.

    overall, I like the service though. allows me to keep up with nfc east games
  3. rdskn4eva

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    It's good if:

    1. You dont mind seeing games a week after the fact
    2. You like to analyze plays with coaches film, which is actually pretty cool - You'll need the higest tier package to see ALL plays with coaches film, otherwise it's just certain plays, like big plays, TD, turnovers.
    3. You like using telestrators (only on ipad)
    4. You want to keep tabs on other teams
    5. You wont be able to watch games the normal time - It's great for this, and you can watch either the full broadcast or the condesed version.

    I have Sunday Ticket and Rewind.

    Not so good if you dont care about anyone other than your team and dont care about things like, how the right guard gave up that sack last week.
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