Does anyone know where to find the latest UDFAs available list?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cogan, May 9, 2007.

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    I tried to look on, but they haven't seemed to updated who is still available as an UDFA. Any help in this area would be appeciated.
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    It just blows me away that probably the biggest problems we were having toward the end of last season was the secondary, yet, with Marcus McCauley, among others, sitting there at the top of Rd. 3, we take an overrated OT in James Marten. Then, with our next pick, we take an OT with twice the ability of Marten in Doug Free.
    We didn't even look toward the secondary until the last rd. I felt Courtney Brown was a value pick in the 7th, but then, with the #237 pick and LB Brandon Siler of Florida still on the board, we take a scrawny, overrated CB in Alan Ball.

    I don't care how crowded our LB corps is getting, you just don't pass up an LB of Siler's leadership & playmaking ability in the bottom of the 7th rd. He was taken 3 picks later by our draft nemesis, the SD Chargers. I'm sure, once again, they will make us regret that pick for several years to come.

    I just pray that, after the 1st rd. next yr., JJ gets abdominal cramps that last until the following Sunday night. Just kidding, Jerah. Something less painful, but just as effective will do just fine. Anything to keep him out of the War Room after the first round.

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