Does anyone remember when Dallas 0-5 vs 05 Washington.....

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by cowboys101, Jul 8, 2005.

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    played on Monday night football and before the game the media was making fun of the fact that no one would watch because the Yankees were on in a playoff game.

    Then when the ratings came out the Monday night game had better ratings then the baseball game.

    I was arguing with some guy at work but I cant find any info that this happen.

    Any ideas how to find this. I tried to google it.

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    Well I don't have any links but you do remember right.

    I remember many saying that no matter what a Skins and Cowboys game would get ratings even if only Cowboys and Skins fans watched.
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    a quick search turned up the game. Both teams were 0-4 at the time.

    Skins vs Dal 10/15/01

    Dallas won 9-7

    still trying to find the article about the ratings being better than the World Series game that was on at the same time.
    Cowboys 9, Redskins 7
    Cowboys win on last-second field goal

    By Jaime Aron / Associated Press

    Associated Press
    Emmitt Smith ran 25 times for a 107 yards, his first 100-yard game of the season.

    [​IMG] IRVING, Texas -- For three quarters, the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins looked like they really were playing the "Gutter Bowl."

    Then two of the NFL's worst teams played to an exciting finish.

    Tim Seder, whose kicking leg collided with a horse during pregame warmups, made a 26-yard field goal as time expired Monday night to give Dallas a 9-7 victory, its first of the year.

    "There's a fine line between winning and losing and we finally stepped over that line," said Seder, who also hit from 28 and 39 yards but missed from 41 and 52. "Maybe we can get on a roll."

    The Cowboys (1-4) are rolling against the Redskins (0-5) -- this was their eighth straight victory over their division rival. Washington, which led 7-3 early in the fourth quarter, is off to its worst start since losing its first seven games in 1998.

    "It was our game to win," said Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, who was in tears.

    The only positive for the Redskins was the close loss. They had been beaten by at least 14 points in every game while getting outscored 135-25.

    "It's miserable," Washington Coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "I wouldn't have thought that this was possible. It's difficult. There are no prizes for losing."

    The wretched records of the once-proud teams prompted Washington defensive end Kenard Lang to give the game its nickname. He noted that the franchises that have won a combined eight Super Bowls are in the gutter and "are trying to climb out of it."

    Some expected the equally inept teams to be competitive. Instead, Washington and Dallas traded silly mistakes until Tony Banks threw a 31-yard touchdown pass to Michael Westbrook early in the fourth quarter to give the Redskins the 7-3 lead.

    Dallas -- which fittingly won without scoring a touchdown -- made it 7-6 when Seder kicked a 39-yarder with 6:36 left.

    The Redskins answered by driving into Dallas territory, moving slowly and burning lots of clock, only to see Stephen Davis fumble at the Cowboys' 38-yard-line. Davis gained 99 yards on 23 carries.

    "Unfortunately for Stephen, he was just trying to make yards," Schottenheimer said. "We wouldn't have been in the game if not for his effort."

    With 2:40 to play and two timeouts left, Anthony Wright completed passes to Darrin Chiaverini and Raghib Ismail -- his only healthy receivers -- to reach the Washington 34.

    The Cowboys kept the ball on the ground, converting a third-and-2 on a run by Troy Hambrick, then getting a 13-yard run from Emmitt Smith to set up the game-winning kick. Smith ran 25 times for a 107 yards, his first 100-yard game of the season.

    "We made the plays when we had to," Smith said. "We were kind of limited. We worked with what we had, like we have all year long."

    Seder's final kick was perfect. He showed none of the ill effects of having his right leg grazed by a horse that was on the field for pregame festivities. The kicker backed into the horse and their legs accidentally met.

    "It rubbed a little luck off on me," Seder said. "It turned out pretty well. It was a little excitement for the pregame."

    Flash bulbs popped as the game-winner went through the uprights and Dallas players ran on the field celebrating as if they'd won a much bigger bowl. Hambrick tore off his helmet and spun it on the ground as if he was twirling a touchdown ball in the end zone.

    If not for the exciting ending, this game might have been remembered for the long injury report for both teams.

    Washington's Pro Bowl tight end Stephen Alexander sprained his right ankle and rookie cornerback Fred Smoot sprained his left knee.

    Dallas lost receivers Joey Galloway (sprained left ankle) and Reggie Swinton (strained right hamstring) and fullback Robert Thomas (sprained left ankle).
    Seder's first field goal came just before halftime, giving Dallas a 3-0 lead. By not scoring in the first three quarters, Washington became the first team since the 1943 Brooklyn Dodgers to have only one touchdown in the first 19 quarters of the season.

    Banks, who was Dallas' starting quarterback until getting cut midway through training camp, finished 10-of-18 for 132 yards. He didn't make any turnovers, like the Cowboys were expecting, instead getting the key one from Davis.
    "I feel empty right now," Banks said.

    Wright was 15-of-28 for 177 yards with one interception. He ran eight times for 32 yards while winning for the first time in five career starts.

    "We took what they gave us," said Wright, who is starting in place of injured rookie Quincy Carter.

    This was only the fourth time in the 42-year history of these teams that the winner would come out with its first victory of the season. Through two quarters, neither seemed to want it.

    Dallas made the first bad move by getting Swinton, their third receiver and top kick returner, and Seder nicked up in pregame warmups. Washington answered by fumbling its first snap and not getting a first down until the final play of the first quarter.

    By losing Swinton and Galloway, the Cowboys were down to two healthy receivers by the end of the second quarter. At halftime, Arrington had cost his team almost as many yards in roughness penalties (30) as his offense gained on the ground (35).

    Washington wasted a great scoring chance when Smoot intercepted a deep pass to Galloway and returned it 36 yards to the Dallas 40. The Redskins were called for a false start before the first play and wound up punting.

    The Cowboys almost blew their early lead right after they took it.

    With 21 seconds left in the half, they tried an onside kick and Washington recovered at its 46. Banks completed two passes to reach the Cowboys' 26, but with 1 second left Brett Conway missed a 44-yard field goal.

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    I always felt A. Wright deserved more of a shot in Big D
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    Looking back at some of the names of players on the field for Dallas, I feel a little embarrassed......Hambrick, Wright, Chaverini, etc.......and to think Tony Banks was in the mix early on...... :eek:

    I am sooooo glad Jerry woke up and got a REAL coach and is adding talent
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    Me, too. He's a guy one that I still root for. Seems like everytime he goes out, he plays solid.
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    It was the deciding game of an Oakland/Yankees playoff series at that.
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    thanks for your help
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    more memorable to me was the eagle bobblehead dolls that Al Micheals kept plugging during a very forgettable game against the eagles. i know which game it was - i just don't want to think about it... now THAT was an embarrasment!!!
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    The reason football games get better ratings is that there are only 16 regular season games whereas in other sports you get anywhere from about 80 to 160. Football season seems so short compared to the other sports.
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    wow, that doesn't happen very often...i wouldn't think.

    I remember that game, but I can't remember if Davis fumbled 2x in that game that led to our final two scores or if he fumbled in another game to give us the game winning score also. One way or the other, we owe him. On more than one occasion it looked like the foreskins had us wrapped up only for Stephen Davis to bail us out..., i sure miss that guy playing for them.
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    Chiaverini, Swinton, Galloway, Rocket, Wright, Hambrick ... holy smokes. Ghosts of a scary past.

    I'm surprised we even scored 9 points with that crew.

    We're still feeling the effects of trading 2 first round picks for Gallowaste. :lmao2:
  14. DezBRomo9

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    If we kept those two picks and picked who the Seahawks picked we would have Koren Robinson and Steve Hutchinson.
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    Don't forget the "Trash Can Full of Dirt" Jonh Nix that forced the Davis fumble in the 4th to win the game for us. :rolleyes:
  16. DezBRomo9

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    There's a 7th round pick for us who had his 15 minutes for his career.
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    Dallas game had better ratings against the deciding game of an Oakland/Yankees playoff series. It wasnt a reagular season game. What ever team lost they were done for the year.

    NFL is just a better sport now.
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    ugh, Stephen Davis could never hold onto the ball when the pressure was on. He would fit in Gibbs offense well right now, but Id easily take Portis over him due to being faster and younger.

    Anyways there are some pretty horrible names from 2001 for us to remember as well. We did go 8-3 after the 0-5 start, somehow Marty made Tony Banks look good. Michael Westbrook, Kenard Lang, Jeff George early on (blegh), Zeron Flemister, and I dont even wanna go into the horrible o-linemen we had.
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    I was going to post the same thing about ole' John NIx. That was actually a very memorable game because of the way we won when I thought we had no chance.
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    It felt strange to see that Hambrick converted on 3rd and 2.

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