Does Dallas Telegraph Their 1st Round Picks/Trade-Down Scenario

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Apr 7, 2012.

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    Think about it, going into each year - we, the intelligible fan base, had a pretty good idea of who we were going to take.

    2011: Tyron Smith, attended pro day, visited with team, etc.
    2010: Dez Bryant, ditto.
    2009: Sigh
    2008: Felix Jones, ditto. Mike Jenkins seemed to be a best corner available kinda deal.

    Even guys like Lee, Carter, and some of the 2nd round choices were guys that we really displayed interest in going into the draft. In the sense that we attended their pro days, invited them in, etc.

    Bob Sturm discusses it in his most recent blogpost at http:///

    I know most teams take the guys they do their research on, but Dallas really doesn't bluff very often when it comes around the draft. Last year about a week before the draft, once the top 10 seeemed to lay out and we realized the Cards were taking Peterson and weren't trading, Smith seemed to be the guy. I think someone in the FO leaked it to Mosely way before the draft.

    So, the only guy I've heard Jerry & co publically say they like is Poe, but didn't invite him in. So this year IMHO, it seems that we may be trying to smoke screen. Drive his stock up, make a team reach, so our guy falls, who knows. Just something to think about.

    I'm starting to think if Decastro or Ingram isn't there at 14 Dallas might slide down and pick up and extra pick, and not really settle with a guy that we don't have a high grade on just because he's there at our pick. If Dallas accumalte 3 picks in the top 46, and continue the theme of taking a 2nd round injury flyer (Lee, Carter, etc) we really could go have a draft that looks like Kirkpatrick, Barron, Konz or Upshaw, Gilmore, Adams or 3 picks between 21-46. Keep your eye out for a trade down scenario, especially if we're stuck with a pick we really don't want to take. I like the idea of stock-piling talent at positions and really churning the roster by competition at positions to keep guys from getting complacent. This is a deep draft in areas we have needs, so I really wouldn't mind getting some bang for our buck - especially if a guy like Tannyhill slips and Cleveland wants to move up. Look out for Detroit or Cleveland on draft day as trade partners, we seem to have a history with them - and they both have picks right where we want to slide down to.

    Garrett visisted Alabama personally, probably considering we could take any one of their 3 guys (Upshaw, Kirkpatrick, Barron).

    The Cowboys just visisted Wisconsin's pro-day to get a good look at Konz.

    I know they were at South Carolina's (Ingram, Gilmore, Jeffrey).

    All guys that are seeming to be late late first-early second prospects.

    Would you guys be interested in a trade down, if a team is willing to move up?
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    Our 14th selection is worth 1,100 draft points. Cleveland's 22nd (780) and 37th (530) would be a total of 1310 and the we could end up with the 22nd, 37th, and 46th pick in next years draft. The Browns have worked out Tannyhill, and if he slips past the Dolphins' I could see us in a position to rob the Browns blind.
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    Depending on the circumstances, absolutely. It makes sense this year. We are picking at 14 but the number of potential impact players plus the number of players we more or less aren't interested in who will likely go before us is equal to something significantly higher than 14.
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    2 good posts.

    I never really care where/who we draft because I'm not a college guy. As long as the guys we take play and do well I'm usually happy.
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    Did we really believe that Dez Bryant would be the pick 2 years ago? I think it was more along the lines of wishful thinking and not something predetermined.
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    We got lucky.

    We were gonna take him 100 % if he was there, but the Broncos did us a huge favor taking Demarius Thomas - an ACC receiver from an option school, instead of Dez.

    No one saw him falling all the way to 24, he was a top 10 talent until his suspension. He can blame Deion Sanders and we can thank him, that Dez Bryant is a Cowboy or else he woulda been long gone.

    Had Dez not been there, I think it was reported that Jared Odrick (ugh) was our guy.
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    Something a lot of fans don't know about the 2010 draft.

    We tried to trade up for Earl Thomas in that years draft but apparently the 49ers wanted something crazy like 2 1st round picks and a 3rd to move up 17 spots and swap first rounders.
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    You're probably right because I've been pretty uncanny at predicting their 1st round picks. Here's what I've had in the past 10 years:

    2002 - Roy Williams (correct)
    2003 - Terence Newman (correct)
    2004 - Steven Jackson (Julius Jones in 2nd round)
    2005 - DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears (correct)
    2006 - Bobby Carpenter (correct)
    2007 - Anthony Spencer (correct)
    2008 - Felix Jones & Brandon Flowers (Correct & Incorrect)
    2009 - No pick
    2010 - Dez Bryant (correct)
    2011 - Tyron Smith (correct)

    I jokingly chalk it up to 'being fluent in Jerry-speak.' Most fo the picks I've been happy with outside of passing up on Jackson along with picking Spears and Carpenter. However, I never really thought of it as telegraphing. I wish we would trade down more to stockpile picks.

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    How do we end up with their picks next year too?
  10. visionary

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    if the browns want tannehill they will pass on him with the 4th pick and risk miami taking him

    they will take him with the 4th and hope that richardson drops to early teens and they can trade up

    that would be a more likely scenario
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    Who do you think the Cowboys will draft this year with their 1st and 2nd picks?
  12. Apollo Creed

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    Meant this year, typo.
  13. ZeroClub

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    Just because the Cowboys mention the guy they eventually draft does not mean that the Cowboys are telegraphing their picks.

    The Cowboys mention lots of guys, but only pick a small subset of them.
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    Surprised this thread has not yet attracted the "I hope Jerry doesn't trade down and screw up the draft" response.

    God I hate that moronic we can't do anything right line of thinking.

    I love trade downs. I love trade ups. I love staying put and selecting the BPA who fills a need.
    Which of course is why I love trades. Move the picks to spots where PBA is filling a need.

    OMT There's always a trade partner. It just comes down to how motivated that partner much are we getting.
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    They are the Browns, so they have a propensity to do really stupid things - but they aren't gonna take him at #4.

    If he slips past Miami at 8, I can see him slipping all the way to 14 - where our phone will be ringing off the hook.

    I personally don't think he's even a late first round quality QB, but in a QB deprived league, someone will get desperate.

    I just don't think anyone can take him in the top 5 and sell that to their fan base, not even Cleveland. But I can see them taking him in the middle of the first by trading up with the 22nd pick.

    We've got a history of trading with them, so they know we wouldn't mind getting a steal - the only problem is, most teams between 14-22 are pretty set at QB, so they may be able to sit at 22 and still get him.

    Gonna be interesting, he's the wild card of the draft.
  16. Apollo Creed

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    Bob Sturm disagrees

  17. Doomsday

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    I just think sometimes it is obvious who any team is targeting based on who will be there and what the team needs. Tyron Smith was a no brainier last season.

    This season is a perfect example we have needs in the secondary, offensive and front 7 so every player under the sun at those positions is being linked to us. Poe, Cox, Upshaw, Kirkpatrick, Glenn, DeCastro, Barron, etc. It is all a guessing game.
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    I'll spend the rest of the weekend trying to make sense of that statement.
  19. Apollo Creed

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    Translation: I really don't watch college, oh btw you're a really bad *** poster AC, I don't care who we take as long as they play well for us.
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    this is what i got also. It didn't seem hard to understand to me. NO use loosing time thinking about post. Go outside and enjoy

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