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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ringmaster, Nov 22, 2006.

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    We as fans know that every QB has a flaw in their game so I was listening to this goof this morning talking about Romo's sidearm motion and he was saying that he's surprised that most of his passes aren't batted down but the other was comparing him to Farve, regarding his confidence.

    This doofus didn't watch much of the games Romo played didn't he while he may not have the bazooka of a Vick, Palmer, or Farve he can get the job done.

    Every QB has a different style when it comes to throwing the football some as we know are over the top, or sidearm so why when they come out of college sidearm QBs in particular the scouts want them to tweak their natural throwing motion what ever works for that QB when it comes to throwing then leave it alone it seem to have worked for a few Farve, comes to mind he has that sidearm motion too and he won a SB with it.

    The thing I noticed about Romo, is that he can make every NFL throw and he can do all of those throwing motion required for every QB in the NFL to do: Sidearm, Three Quarters, and the Over the Top motion so I wouldn't get so hung up on whether or not a QB throws sidearm or not and the one who was criticizing this was Skip Brainless.

    What do you all think?
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    This is still a misunderstood topic. Unless a Quarterback is 9 ft tall ...he can not throw over any NFL defensive lineman.

    Your average D lineman is 6'3" - 6'4" with extended arms add about 2 ft.

    Troy Aikman was talking about this the other day, NFL QBs must learn to throw in throwing lanes. Pass blockers try to create these lanes with their blocking schemes.

    You don't throw over people - just between them.

    As far as arm strength, I didn't think Romo had enough - but he has proven me wrong. He has an ultra-quick release and good deep ball. Think about the beautiful (dropped:bang2: ) bomb to T.O. in Washington.
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    thats why they have passing lanes. grossman gets alot of passes knocked down but it's not because he's short, it's because he does'nt use his passing lanes. all olinemen are taller than most qb's so where the ball comes from does'nt matter as much as the route it takes to where it is going
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    Bledsoe is quite a bit taller then Romo but he looked lost out there compared with the reads Romo is making.
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    thats because Bledsoe doesnt make reads!!! he waits for a guy to get open or he gets sacked!!!
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