Does Parcells football work anymore?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bungarian, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Parcells tried to play his game last night. Get a lead and sit on it by running the ball and eating clock. It has worked for him in the past.

    I am not sure it works now. The league changed the rules to open the passing game. Now as we see a couple of plays and you are behind. Will his type football still work?
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    I think this is an excellent question. I've had this concern from the minute I heard the "busdriver" comment...and the concern was magnified when I saw last year's entire roster populated with busdrivers.

    I do think the idea of a team playing error free football, grinding it out, and playing good D, can work.

    But last night's game is a perfect example of the achilles heal in that philosophy.

    This is an era where you can grind it out for 55 the game for 55 minutes...and lose the game on two long passes. The rules are set up to allow for big plays that like. It's what the average fan wants to see.

    I do have concerns about the Parcells philosophy.
  3. Aikmaniac

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    No, I don't think this philosophy works anymore.

    I've mentioned this in another thread but the Cowboys remind me of the Bucs during the Dungy era. With any sort of a lead, Dungy would sit on the ball and pray his defense would hold up. Usually it would, but that philosophy never got him to the SB while in TB.

    In today's NFL, I think it's very important to put a team away early as the Patriots usually do as well as the Eagles. Yes, I know those are championship teams but they've taken necessary risks when the time is right.
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    I'm tired of this busdriver nonsense also. Last night proved the point. A busdriver couldn't win the game for us. We needed a playmaker at QB ... and only had a busdriver.

    We had a chance to win that game. A real QB would have gotten that first down with a minute and a half left. A busdriver failed us.

    We deserve our fate. That lose was on us ... big time. Ignore the QB position and we'll continue to see these types of games.

    If anything, why handcuff Bledsoe with the game on the line???
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    Parcells had won 70 in a row leading by 13 or more in the 4th quarter. I don't think 1 loss makes his approach obsolete.
  6. Aikmaniac

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    That's it right there.

    4th and 3 and we call a 2 yard in route.

    3rd and whatever, we call a HB dive with Tyson Thompson for no gain...after a TO...I might add.

    How about the opening drive? The Cowboys look championship caliber but then call a horrible play, forcing Bledsoe to take a TO only to call another horrible play to force Cortez scrub to make a FG attempt.

    The list goes on and on.

    I just can't stand it.

    Look at this lineup: Keyshawn Johnson, Terry Glenn, Patrick Crayton, Peerless Price, Jason Witten, Drew Bledsoe, and Julius Jones. How in the hell do we not have enough confidence in this group to go for the kill?

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