Does Romo have the record?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ring Leader, Mar 16, 2013.

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    Look at all the past Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in recent years:

    Flacco - never has been injured in his entire NFL career.

    Eli - like Flacco has never been injured in his NFL career.

    Rodgers - has suffered a few concussions, but that's about it. Doesn't really compare to what Romo has suffered.

    Brees - Again, another guy who hasn't suffered hardly any injuries in his career.

    Roethlisberger may be the only guy who has suffered more injuries than Romo in his career and hate him all you want, Roethlisberger is one tough football player. Peyton Manning, beside the whole neck injury thing, was healthy all his career. Same thing with Brady beside his knee injury, he was healthy most of his career as well.

    There's no question Romo has taken a worse beating than most quarterbacks in the NFL. Love him or hate him, that's a fact. This thread isn't about his late-game screw ups or anything like that, it's about how many other quarterbacks have suffered injuries like him and there hasn't been many. A broken collarbone, broken ribs, a broken finger and back injuries as well... I'm sorry, but there aren't many quarterbacks that have suffered those kind of injuries in a 5-year span like Romo has.
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    You make it sound like concussions are no big deal. :cool: For your information a concussion is a brain injury that can have a lasting effect they're a lot more serious than a broken bone. You might want to do some research on concussions. Rodgers was sacked 51 times last season compared to 36 times for Romo. Rodgers hit the turf 8 times in one half vs Seattle last season. He's been sacked over 50 times twice during his career. A big indicator on how often a QB gets hit is the number of concussions they've suffered and Rodgers has had a few while Romo hasn't had one.

    A QB can break a bone by landing funny or tear a legitimate by taking an awkward step. QB's suffer those type of injuries all the time it's the repeated concussions that indicate a QB is taking some real punishment.
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    still waiting for you to back up your claims Romo has not had an unusual number of bones broken.

    But I know you will not answer because you know its not true.

    Your extreme hatred for Romo clouds you to reality which is Romo has gotten more abused then any QB over the last 4 years. No one has had as many broken bones. But you can sail along in your little fantasy world..
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    he CAN'T admit that; part of his reason for living is to hate romo and if you take that away what does he have?
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    Show me a post where I claimed Romo hasn't had an unusual number of broken bones? I said his "injuries" have been on par with most QB's. Your only reason for coming here is to scream ROMO HATER at everyone who speaks an ounce of truth about him. Every little thing that you consider negative about Romo has you crying ROMO HATER. :laugh2: Your agenda has become beyond tiring give it a rest and stop chastising everyone who posts honest opinions that don't fit with your ROMO IS GOD agenda

    QB's are marked men and are going to take hits you don't think RG3 took some punishment last season? He suffered at least one concussion and a torn up knee which are 2 injuries Romo has never suffered. Drew Bledsoe could have died from the hit he took that put Brady on the field in 2001. Bledsoe severed an artery that led to massive internal bleeding. Chris Simms suffered a ruptured spleen after taking a hit. Roethlisberger's had numerous injuries but that hasn't stopped him from appearing in 3 SB's winning 2 of them. His OL almost got him killed in 08 after taking a shot which resulted in him being carted off the field with a concussion. Has Romo ever been strapped to a gurney and carted off the field with teammates and fans bowing their heads in prayer?

    There's plenty of QB's who've suffered more injuries than Romo and some have been far more serious. Injuries retired Staubach and Aikman. Concussions are a lot more serious than cracked ribs, broken pinkies and fractured collarbones. Most of the player safety rules have been implemented to try and reduce head trauma which has the NFL scared silly. There's QB's in the league who get more abused than Romo but you can't see it because you're a biased FAN who's one of the biggest Romo apologists on the board.
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    The tendency for someone that has been caught out without the ability of responding is to try and change the subject.

    Who brought up Staubach and Aikman?

    This conversation was about the last 4-5 years.

    But not surprising you are running away


    Show a QB that has the number of injuries and broken bones that Romo has had over the last 5 years.

    We are waiting.

    But I know nothing will come
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    What puzzles me is your hypersensitivity to what you called a "laughable" question. Going on such a tirade with an amazing amount of diversions over a self proclaimed trivial subject is normally a result of something or someone hitting a serious nerve.

    Interestingly, the mere possibility of an unpleasant answer to the "Romo broken bone" question might have been so diametrically opposed to your agenda that you methodically misdirected the topic with everything from conspiracy theories to concussions in hopes that the "actual" question would be overlooked, ignored or forgotten about. Nice try, but your abundantly obvious agenda, cemented in this thread, is very well noted and probably much more transparent than you had intended.

    And since you inquired, KJJ, I'm helping my son memorize the human bones for his class and I couldn't answer the "Romo broken bones"question. He wasn't at all curious about turnovers and Tom Brady's ligaments at the time.
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    The only one who's changing the subject is you and it keeps changing with every post you make. The conversation was about if Romo who has 4 seasons with a broken bone has the record for seasons in which a QB has suffered a broken bone. That's a question that would take extensive research I doubt even the NFL keeps tabs on that. If you or anyone else thinks I'm going to invest the time to find out you're sadly mistaken.

    You first claimed I'm a well known Romo hater that alone destroys whatever claims you make because anyone who follows my posts knows that's completely untrue. Even you know it's not true but it's all just part of your agenda. After making that bogus remark you said I claimed that Romo hasn't had an unusual number of broken bones which is something I never said. Again this is all part of your agenda. You then claimed that Romo has been the most abused QB over the past 4 years. You then claimed this conversation is about the last 4-5 years. NOW you're saying it's over the last 5 years. :cool: I feel like I'm having a discussion with Jodi Arias. :laugh2:

    As for Staubach and Aikman I brought them up because Romo never took the beatings they did injuries retired both of them. Both Staubach and Aikman played during era's where QB's were brutalized. The rules today protect QB's you can't hit them high/low or a fraction too late. No one is running away from anything you just have an agenda and those who aren't on board with it are labeled ROMO HATERS.
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    With free agency going on and the draft coming up next month it is an odd topic and question did you actually think anyone would know the answer? From the replies from you and burmafrd it appears I'm the one who struck a nerve. So it's your sons class that inspired this thread. :cool: I met a female doctor at a bar once who told me there was 206 bones in the human body. I told her if she came back to my place....aww never mind! :D

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    Actually, they were pretty protective of qb's in Aikmens time too. Staubach on the other hand, is another story.
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    Even during Aikman's era they weren't close to being as protective of QB's as they are now. It's almost ridiculous some of the calls they make for late hits on QB's today. The intentional grounding rule that allows the QB to throw the ball away outside the tackle box wasn't around until around 1993. During Aikman's rookie year his missed several games with a broken finger and in his first game back from that injury vs AZ he suffered a concussion.

    He took more punishment his first 2 seasons than Romo has taken his entire career. All the hits Aikman took those first few years led to back surgery in 93. Anyone who thinks Romo is being pummeled needs to go back and watch some of the hits Aikman took during 89 and 90.
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    I posted in the draft zone last night just minutes before clicking on this thread. Didn't know there were rules that we had to talk about free agency and the draft on a discussion board. I didn't know the answer to the OPs question but I didn't feel the need to try and make him feel like an idiot either. If you don't want talk about Romo's injuries, then don't. Just hit the back button and don't respond.

    You should take your own advice and spend more time in threads that discuss potential free agent signings and the draft if that's what you think we should all be discussing. For someone who would rather be talking about something else, you sure have spent a lot of time in this thread.
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    Who said there were any rules that we have to talk about free agency and the draft? This is a discussion board and fans can start whatever topics they want barring politics and others are allowed to voice their opinions. If the OP gets ridiculed that's the risk they take for sharing their thoughts on a public forum. I share my thoughts on this board almost everyday and some try and make me feel like an idiot but I've learned to roll with the punches. I contributed to this thread and gave my opinion on the topic that's what we do here.

    You've posted twice in this thread and have yet to give your opinion on the topic choosing to focus your attention on me. Not once have you talked about Romo's injuries but I've discussed his and other players injuries in detail. Let's hear your opinion on this topic or do you even have one? If I didn't contribute to this thread it would have never gotten past the first page. The OP started this topic to get a response and if he really wanted an answer to his question he would have attempted to google it.

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