Does the media have a time bomb planted on our team?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ODawg, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. ODawg

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    Is it just me or does the media have a time bomb planted on our team...they are soo eagerly waiting for a problem, A T.O. blowout, a death in the family....My God...this crap so far from what I have seen is ridiculous. I mean what the hell better thing to do is to try and discover a disaster in Cowboy Land....I think its hilarous...Really freakin Hilarous...So many Haters in this World....Now I'm refering to everything I've seen or read or heard since football has come back into the light. Feedback Please. I feel sorry for Tuna...just watching the questions he goes thru in his updates are ********. W/B
  2. Cbz40

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    There three reasons why this happens.......We are the Dallas Cowboys, Bill Parcells is the Coach, and TO is the sells papers and adds.
  3. ODawg

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    Its all about the Money...I see
  4. Boyzmamacita

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    The media is hoping for a blow up of some kind. T.O. was already a villain in the sports world, but since becoming a Dallas Cowboy, he is public enemy #1.
  5. justbob

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    exactly --wise words from the elder statesman:star:
  6. J-DOG

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    This is the part of sports media that I hate.
    It's not good enough to say "I don't know" anymore.
    The media will make something up to get the news rolling.
    Sports media has taken on similar traits of the National Enquirer.
  7. ODawg

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    Exactly what I've been screaming....GO BOYS!!!
  8. bbgun

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    So many apologists in this world ..
  9. ODawg

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    Ya okay your right....I think
  10. icyhot

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    I say more of a scud missile or a nuke arsenal on this team. Time bomb is being too nice.
  11. ddh33

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    No question that this franchise has a taregt on its back because of the presence of TO with Parcells, Terry Glenn, and Drew Bledsoe. It was that way a couple of years ago too with Keyshawn. It's only worse with TO.

    It's boring to me. I prefer to hear about football stuff. The agendas and same old type of stories that the Engels and Hansen throw out there in every article bugs me to no end.
  12. ODawg

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    I hear what u r saying my friend...its crazy
  13. Doomsday101

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    The media may be waiting for some fall out but all this team needs to concern itself with is going out and taking care of the job at hand which is winning football games. The media does not control the actions of the players including TO

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