Video: Does this video ever get old?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. BraveHeartFan

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    I personally don't have an issue with the showing of their emotions. Football is a very emotion based game and it's only natural that people are going to react that way.

    Him doing that is really no different then any time any player makes a big play. Did people think Irvin looked stupid every time he threw out the first down sign? I doubt it. I'm sure he wasn't a clown every time he celebrated one of his 65 TDs.

    This was THE big play of that young guys career. It's likely he'll never see another huge play like that for himself. Of course he was happy and couldn't contain himself. Let human being be human beings for goodness sakes.

    As for the the video never gets old. No video of a big play ever gets old.
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    man i love you fellow cowboy fans who out of the blue post a great moment like that! beat the blankin' blankin' forty niners in san Francisco's mud pit, crap stadium! go cowboys!

    I've got about 30 games on tape from staubach to romo. it's fairly common i'll watch a troy aikman led cowboys in '91 beat that year's champ in their own park. 1996 mnf game beating that year's champ 21 to 6 all field goals hard hittin'. etc...etc... love that clip! thanks! post more! love it!

    go cowboys!
  3. KJJ

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    The only thing that bothers me about that clip is knowing where the 49ers ended up that season and where the Cowboys ended up.
  4. Eskimo

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    One of the greatest comeback victories in Cowboys lore. On the road. Against the best defense in the league. Down by 14 in the 4th quarter but they come back to tie it after a memorable Austin TD and a last second FGA made by a rookie kicker who missed a PAT earlier. Then with Dez out and Miles out and Romo playing with broken ribs and a punctured lung hits Jesse Holley for a 75 yard catch and run to set up the game winning FG in overtime.

    Such a great time to be a Cowboys fan before so many of the Cowboys faithful soured on Austin, Garrett and Romo, in particular.

    I see this as the year we claim our spot back amongst the best teams in the league after a 3-year hiatus needed clean up the mess Jerry and Wade created with an old, bloated, self-entittled, overpaid roster. I've said it all along - Garrett had to be continuously improving the team just for the record to stay the same with all the talent they lost, the lack of young talent to develop he had when he started and the mini-cap hell we were going through.
  5. da_whiz_kid

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    I was at this game. It was amazing when it happened and if you listen closely, I am one of the fans screaming their heads off. lol
    My first regular season Cowboy game.
  6. kristie

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    still love this. :D
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  7. BaybeeJay

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    He has stated numerous times, and corroborated by sideline players, that he was praising God and saying, "I am not worthy." How anyone has a problem with that in God-fearing Cowboy land is beyond me. Everytime I run into a fan that complains about his celebration, I try my best not to think it''s a race thing.
  8. big dog cowboy

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  9. Red Dragon

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    Great play. But Holley ran a real risk of fumbling the ball for a Niners touchback.
  10. Future

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    Well kill that whole race nonsense right now, b/c its got nothing to do with it.

    Whether he was praising God or not is irrelevant. It looked like an attention getter to me...maybe it wasn't, nobody really knows. But if he was thanking God, that doesnt necessarily mean that the celebration was any more or less genuine. Half the players in the league thank God after doing something great, but I really doubt that most of them actually practice a religion all that seriously.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Just a reminder from the rules...

    #6 - You will not post religious discussions or comments.
  12. kristie

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    at least that didn't happen.
  13. Blue Eyed Devil

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    That was the high-point of that man's life. 3 years before this he was selling cell phones at a kisosk in a North Carolina mall. From his perspective it was miraculous to even get on the Cowboys as he had to get on and then win some crazy reality show, who could imagine that happening to them? Then, after making the team he was waived not once but twice by the Cowboys yet somehow managed to just hang on.

    And after 3 years, the long odds, getting cut, coming back, he makes one big play. The only one big play of his entire NFL career and you're going to smugly look down on him for celebrating the 8 seconds of glory he worked his entire life for?

    That's just not cool.
  14. Future

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    Well I would say that drawing that much attention to yourself isn't cool, even if you have realized a life goal or something. Im not saying I hate Jesse Holley, but I certainly dont appreciate that kind of thing. Different strokes I guess.
  15. Coy

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    Holley praising the lord was hilarious, I think even Romo had a comment on that, haha
  16. FiveRings

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    Watching this along with the Carr INT vs. Pittsburgh this year and all i think is...WHY couldn't they have both just gotten in the endzone cleanly??
  17. LatinMind

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    i was at this game. it seemed like there was more Cowboy fans then Niner fans.
  18. Zordon

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    Can you guys give a percentage of Cowboys fans. I've never seen anything like that.
  19. Idgit

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    I remember that at the time. It surprised me, because there are always a lot of Cowboys fans, but I didn't expect we'd travel that well to SF, of all places. Lots of Hispanic Cowboys fans everywhere, though, and I expect that's what it was in SF. During the game, it still seemed like there were a majority of SF fans, but for big Cowboys plays the cheering was just as loud as it was for the Niners. It was cool.
  20. Lonestar94

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    If he would of pushed the right stick up he would of scored.

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