Dog Fights - adults only please?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by B Smooth, May 30, 2007.

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    I am actually looking for mature responses here(put down the flame gun). I am not being a smart*** while asking the following questions? I have never been or ever would be interested in dog fights, but I am having a hard time understanding the universal outrage.

    1) Are dog fights worse than say chicken fights?
    2) Are dog fights worse than bull fights? I saw one in Barcelona and I have never seen anything so brutal.
    3) I just saw the planet earth special..Why are dog fights worse than the natural carnage that happens every day in the animal kingdom?
    4) Many of us had cows or pigs for dinner last night...

    Is it the idea that people are betting, the idea that people find this entertaining, or is it that so many people are attached to dogs as pets and relate to it from that perspective?
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    This has all been discussed a million times. Go check out any previous Vick thread to see someone ask the exact same questions.
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    That's #1 on my list. My dogs (past and present) have basically become members of the family and I could never dream of putting them through the violence that takes place in these matches.
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    Prepare to be moved deleted locked or just downright hammered.

    the reason people give are sentimental attachment to their pets. Animal torture is animal torture but that is just me.
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    I can't understand why there needs to be a sliding scale for some people to justify this. It's better than bullfights, but not than chicken fights? How exactly does that matter?

    How about that it is illegal in all 50 states and a felony in 48 of the 50? Is that good enough?

    In the planet earth special that you saw, were those animals manipulated by men? Or are you saying what they do in nature should be dictated by man made laws?

    Of the beef and pork for dinner last night, how much of it was dead because it had been in a fight for human pleasure? How many dogs that die in these fights become food?

    I'm sorry, I find this whole attempt at a tangent illogical from the salient point. It is a felony in Virginia. Not a jay walking misdemeanor. Not speeding. It is about animal cruelty and bloodlust.
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    Thought there was gonna be some pr0n in here....

    oh well, back to surfing the innernets.
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    Think of putting two human beings in a pit then having them fight to the death. And before that make them train using brutal techniques. Would you really want to be a Gladiator?

    Hopefully my cows, chickens and pigs were put to death humanely and weren't made to fight to death. A slaughter house is brutal enough.
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    You clicked on this thread expecting "Dog Fights" porn?

    It takes all kinds.

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    while I appreciate that the questions are for answers, I couldn't have said it better...
  10. superpunk

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    Or, to borrow from Jim Gaffigan....

    I prefer to think that maybe the chicken did something to get slaughtered..."You enjoying your sandwich, Jim?"...."Yeah, I think this ******* tried to steal my car!"

    I like to think of Jesus as a mischievous badger.
  11. Idgit

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    Rooting for something to be hurt or killed is barbaric. Watching it for fun is contemptible.
  12. theogt

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    I think he's questioning whether it should be illegal. I'm not sure this is the place for that discussion.

    It was killed for human pleasure. It's just a human pleasure we recognize as a good one.

    It's not tangential to the topic of this thread.
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    First, these are valid questions especially if you have never been to a dog fight. If you have and you like animals such as dogs then you will be repulsed.

    Second, having served six tours in VietNam and knowing that in Asia dog is considered something of a cherish dish of food, you end up with a different perspective.

    To answer your questions:
    1. Dog fights are usually more brutal. Both the dogs and roosters are trained to fight for these spectacals. Dog fights generally last longer and there is far more blood. Some fights are so bad that the dogs have actually gone after humans (that would be you) instead of just the other dog.

    2. I too have been to a couple of bull fights and although it is considered a humane sport, watching an animal being basically teased to death is painful. But they do die a much less painful death than dogs and there (believe it or not) rules in a bull fight.

    3. Natural carnage is nothing like any of the above. Those animals aren't trained to fight, they fight for survival and for food. It is not for sport that they fight but for their basic survival instinct and for their species to survive in producing strong lines.

    4. Yes you are correct about pork and beef but again they are raised to feed us and they are slaughtered by supposed humane ways. That may be debatable but they are slaughtered without fanfare and quickly. Dog fights are where dogs keep trying to kill each other until one of them just dies and then still unless the other dog is pulled off, the surviving dog will keep tearing at the dead dog. It is not fun to watch if you have any sense of decent behavior.

    There is a reason dog fights are a felony and for that matter many states have cock fights under the same law. They just are not humane and no matter how anyone spins it, it is against the law. Personally, it is a sport where I wish they would throw the dog owners in the ring and see how they fare and feel.
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    1) No dog fights aren't worse than rooster fighting, they both are equally brutal and abhorrent on every level.

    2) While I think bullfighting no longer has a place in society it is far less worse than dog fighting. At least the bull has a chance to come away the victor. And many bullfighter has experienced the agony of defeat against a bull....and rightfully so. Dog fighting is far more brutal to the point that there is no real "winner", the victor often being maimed beyond help.

    3) Because it is done for sheer entertainment value which is sickening. The natural carnage you see in the animal planet is based on survival, not for sport. The animals thrown in a box to fight to the death aren't put there by choice nor for a meal.

    4) Cows and pigs are a food source and aren't put in arenas to fight to the death.

    I do believe you hit a point that the dog fighting is considered more disgusting because of people being attached to dogs as pets....many owners considering them family members.
  15. FuzzyLumpkins

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    i agree that there should be no sliding scale. if something is tortured then it is tortured. it is either acceptable or it is not.

    to me it doesnt matter if its because you put it in a piut to fight to the death or if its because you insert an electrode into its rectal cavity and shock it until it dies.

    the only differentitation is that you are not emotionally distant from dogs like you are with chickens or cows because as you have stated before grwoing up on a farm you have to distance yourself. you cannot condemn yourself.
  16. jobberone

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    Who puts an electrode in an animals rectum and shocks it to death?
  17. FuzzyLumpkins

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    its the way they kill minks to insure the quality of the fur. i believe with cows they are still hitting them over the head with blunt force trauma, now im not sure wther they still use ropes or cattle prods to the groin in bull riding but i do know that they still apply toxc chemicals to the eyes and bloodstreamas well as infectious disease in animal testing, and of course there are the special pens that they put veal calves in to insure that they cannot move to ensure the tenerness of meat.
  18. 5Stars

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    Interesting subject!

    First of all, animals in the wild do whatever it needs to do to survive, so that is basically a silly question unless you are from a different planet than the rest of us.

    What I would like to know is...can a chicken beat a bull in a fight? What about a pig? Can it beat a cow in a fight? Another thing that really bothers me is, how come there are no horse fights? :confused:

    I got an idea! Let's put all these animals, the cow, chicken, dog, horse, cat, bull, mink, lion, alligator, cat, birds, worms, tigars...hell throw in a shark for good measure, into a blender and see what it tastes like?

    In other words, if you don't know the answer to the questions you just asked...grow some tomatoes!

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    Off point a little but anyone remember this episode.

    JERRY: So Marcelino's going to take down the check?

    KRAMER: Well, it comes down if Little Jerry Seinfeld wins the cockfight.

    JERRY: Great! <realizing> What?

    KRAMER: Well, Marcelino, he has cockfights in the back of his store.

    JERRY: Ah ha...

    KRAMER: So, he says if Little Jerry Seinfeld wins, the check comes down.

    JERRY: Kramer, cockfighting is illegal.

    KRAMER: Only in The United States.

    JERRY: It's inhumane!

    KRAMER: No, Jerry, it's not what you think it is.

    JERRY: It's two roosters peckin' at each other!

    KRAMER: What?

    JERRY: Yeah!

    KRAMER: Well, I thought they wore gloves and helmets, you know, like "American Gladiators."

    JERRY: No Kramer, Little Jerry could get hurt.

    KRAMER: Well, I left him with Marcelino!

    <Jerry shrugs and holds his hands out.>

    KRAMER: My Little Jerry! <Runs out.>
  20. 5Stars

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    Hey, jobberone...I think they did that to Ted Bundy! (of course, that was probably cruel...)

    I heard that his mother commited suicide when the prison sent her the electrial bill...!!

    :eek: I'm not sure if they used his hair for fur, or of anyone ate him afterwards...

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